Video Transcription: An Integral Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Advancements in technology have made sure that most businesses have an outstanding digital presence today.

They are attracting audiences using social media platforms and building optimized websites to ensure that their websites rank on the top pages of search engines.

Even though we have different marketing techniques, content marketing is one of the most popular especially because of its ability to use words when captivating audiences. Businesses can write blog posts, eBooks, or product descriptions for their customers.


In addition to text information, modern customers are interested in visual content as well. Podcasts and videos make it easy for businesses to include music and colorful visuals when selling their products and services.

However, a client might be watching your promotional video in a noisy environment or in a silent place where they would not want to disturb the silence.

This is where video transcription comes in. You still want to ensure that they can understand the message you are trying to pass. 

Why is Video Transcription Important?

Helps Businesses Reach People in Different Countries

Digital marketing has made it easy for businesses to expand globally. Most of them are now able to reach their global clients even from their hometown offices.

However, language has posed a challenge to most of them. For instance, when targeting people in China, you need to ensure that your marketing campaigns are created in their language.

This means that when creating marketing campaigns in the form of videos, you will be forced to translate the videos yourself. Even though this consumes a lot of time, video transcriptions make it easier.

Transcription Softwares like Rev allow businesses to translate their videos into different languages depending on their target markets. With this, businesses can reach many people, something that is important in increasing sales.

Enhances Customer Experience

The main objective of digital marketing is to enhance the experience of customers. Even though businesses create videos matching the requirements of their customers, they also need to check the customers’ tastes and preferences. 

For instance, as discussed above, you might have customers watching your videos in quiet places where they have to use headphones or even in a noisy environment. You might even have some clients who are quite busy to sit, watch, and listen to a thirty-minute video.

Such situations require businesses to transcribe their marketing videos to enable their customers to read through the content quickly. This is important in enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

It’s Important for SEO Traffic

Different people use different search engines with some of them (search engines) handling billions of searches every single day. As a business owner, you need to understand that search engines do not index videos or watch them.

However, if you have transcriptions for all your marketing videos, you make it easy for search engines to crawl your websites because you have information about what you are selling, and search engines can understand what the video is about.

In addition, adding transcriptions to your digital marketing videos enhances the visibility of your websites on different search engines. This gives businesses an edge over their competitors and ensures that they can reach wide audiences.

Improves Comprehension and Rates of Engagement

Some search engines are quite smart, especially the most popular ones such as Google. For instance, Google can determine the amount of time that a user spends on your website and then come up with a measure of user experience from it. 

This means that according to Google, spending more time on a website means that the website has a good user experience and high rates of engagement. If you have marketing videos on your website, ensure that you have transcriptions accompanying each one of them.

This increases the amount of time that customers spend on your website, something that builds the website’s reputation, especially on Google Analytics. In addition, spending more time on your website increases the chances of a customer engaging with your business and buying from you.


The importance of audio transcriptions cannot be underestimated in the modern world of digital transformations. Almost every person is going to the internet when looking for a product or service, and they want to understand everything about the product, service, and the company offering them. 

Businesses can make videos and add video transcriptions to each of them to ensure that their customers have what they need and improve their (customers) experiences.

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