How To Leverage Videos For Your Business Online Presence

Every business can use an excellent online presence. Whether you are hearing it for the first time today or if you’ve heard this before, I can assure you that you will view this from a different perspective when we are done here.

The marketing evolution has gone from text-copy to images and videos. The conversion rate of these three different models of marketing is so overwhelming with loud distinctions. Research shows that images convert about six times more than texts, while videos convert about three times better than photos.

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Moreover, some clinical studies show that our brain processes images and videos 60,000 times faster than text. Millions of people consume video content every day on the internet. According to a 2020 study, more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook and other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter every day.

If you are starting any business in 2021, you should leverage videos to build your online presence. You can do this in many ways, for example, motion pictures, animations, workspace videos, customer interviews, live shows, etc.

Stated by a Dallas video production company, video content on social media accounts are responsible for over 80% of traffic on the internet. Video content is the best opportunity to put out what your business does to the outside world most dynamically. Therefore, whether you are starting a business or already own one, let video content be your main toolbox to promote your brand.

You can achieve your marketing goals by leveraging video content. For example:

  • To build your brand from the ground up
  • To increase engagement on social media
  • To increase your website traffic
  • To generate more sales and conversion

There are several platforms where you can publish your videos to reach a vast number of people for your business:

  • You can post on YouTube to reach a new audience and build awareness and views.
  • You can post on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., for traffic and engagement.
  • You can post on blogs or website to generate leads and conversion
  • You can also post on your landing page to convert more people to order your product or services

There are several kinds of videos you can make for your audience to consume. This content depends on your marketing goals. Sometimes, the content you show your audience also depends on what stage of marketing you are in currently.

  1. What Your Business Does

Many businesses make quality videos, but they fail to highlight clearly, what their business does. They make videos like that of popular brands. Suppose you are just starting a company or business. In that case, it is important your audience know what your business is about and the problem you seek to solve.

Videos about what your business does are often the first video content your release on your platforms. For example, if you are running a software installing company, you can do a video about “How it works.” Videos like this stay in the memory of your prospective customers, and when they need your service, they will not have any reason to doubt than to come to you.

  1. Customer Success Stories

There is a common saying that crowd brings more crowd. One of the best ways to win your customers’ trust is to get other customers to do it for you. Generally, people love success stories because they are often relatable. When you showcase how your business solved a particular customer’s problem, you tend to win the favor of prospective customers.

  1. Leverage Animations

In recent times, the love for animation videos has grown exponentially. Animations are very effective visual means to display your brand to the world. Apart from the high engagement, you can generate using animations; they show your project the best way to the world.

There are many technicalities with creating animated videos. Still, if you take the pain and make a quality one, it might just be the super boost your business needs. Some people think animations are for children, but actually, they tell deep stories than what regular videos can do.

  1. Showcasing Your Work and Achievements

If you have ever been a follower of any car brand, you will understand how important highlighting your achievements are. These achievements can include the number of sales you make monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Displaying your revenue to the world is also an essential part of your marketing.

  1. Live Videos

Live videos are one of the easiest ways to make a great connection and interaction with your audience. Your audience also gets to interact with one another. It is no news that it takes a lot of hard work to make perfect shot videos, especially when dealing with the editing.

In live videos, you do not have to worry about editing and other technicalities in video editing. Also, your prospective customers get to drop real-time comments and make a fast decision about getting your products or doing business with you.


If you are running a business in 2021, you should consider it a must to make video content for your audiences to stay in the game.

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