VOIP and Cloud: How to boost your business telephony?

The cloud revolution has taken companies by storm and caused a massive switch in their infrastructure, adopting cloud-based apps, but it’s not a bad thing as it may sound, in fact, the benefits are staggering. A good example is the cloud based VoIP phone system.

But what is VoIP all about? Simple, it’s a voice-over-internet protocol (internet-based phones, to put it simply), in fact, it has been around for a long time, but it may have been too new to implement it in business back in the day. That has changed for good in recent years, VoIP phone systems became a must-have for companies.

The adoption in North America has been massive and is increasing steadily, 80% of organizations’ lines installed in the last years were VoIP phones.

But how can the cloud and VoIP phones help your business?

Is a must for companies and organization to easily communicate with customers and even employees, from anywhere in the world, at any time with the freedom

There are many ways, but the biggest draw is those:

  • Cost and efficiency
  • Receive calls anywhere
  • Only need Wi-Fi, employees can work from any place
  • Installation is easier and the maintenance too

Ways VoIP can Enhance your Business

Cost Efficiency

Aside from mobility, another big factor that sells the deal to companies is the huge cost saving over regular lines. By switching to VoIP phone systems, a company can reduce phone costs by 50% or more.

Costs are lower for VoIP and not only operational costs but the cost of phone calls are usually lower. That, on top of some features that traditional phones don’t offer, like automatic transcription, is changing business for the better.

Business Mobility

One of the biggest advantages of cloud based applications is the ability to use it from anywhere, any place, and from any device, it’s one of the most notable impacts on how a business operates.

A good example is the flexibility it gave to you and your employer to communicate. For example, if there’s a lot of snow and most of your team can’t make it to an office safely, the best bet is to stay at home. If your company has regular phones, you would call it a day and close.

But with a VoIP phone, your team can work from their homes, only needing an internet connection. VoIP gives you the freedom for your business to operate from anywhere.

Time-Saving Features

Since VoIP phone systems are cloud based, you will get additional features that can boost your employee productivity and save time.

Some of these features include voicemail automatically transcribed and delivered by email, the ability to quickly read through voicemail without listening to all of them, searching by keywords, and implementing a call screening that can be placed automatically.

Get Calls Anywhere

With VoIP, you will have the ability to get calls while you’re anywhere, this is a huge advantage in many scenarios. For example, if you need to leave for any reason, but you are expecting an important client call, you can leave and just have the call through your phone.

This would not be possible without VoIP, in the case you had a traditional phone line you would not be able to answer the call.

Another additional benefit to this is the fact, you can have your work phone and personal phone in the same place, without the need to give out your cell number or without the need to have an extra cell number for work.

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