VoIP vs Traditional Phone System: Which Is Better for Your Business

Choosing between a VoIP and a traditional phone system is not simple. There are numerous factors that you may need to consider, such as costs, reliability, and features.

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With a regular phone, you can just pick up the receiver and dial the number. But you might not know how to make VoIP calls. But not knowing much about the technology shouldn’t be the focus, as you can learn something new if it can make your business better, right?

Let’s take a look at both the phone systems and then see which is better.


It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a type of technology comprising of software and hardware that can enable you to make calls over the internet.

With a VoIP, you don’t need to have a traditional phone on your desk. You can get a US virtual number and software on your mobile, computer, laptop, or any supported device. That will then allow you to communicate through voice and video calls, instant messages, and voice messages.

The person you communicate with doesn’t need to have any particular device or software. Since you will be provided with a unique number, no one will know you’re talking over the internet. In fact, you can have a New York number and be sitting in Texas, no one will know.

Traditional Phone System

A traditional phone system is the older one. It was invented over a century and a half ago. While it has seen significant changes from that time, the system is not boding well with the younger entrepreneurs

It is connected by wires, which can be complicated to maintain and make the workplace messy.

Benefits of a VoIP for Business


The main reason why countless companies are looking into VoIP is that it costs less. Since you make all the calls over the internet, you only have to pay for a reliable internet connection rather than minutes spent on call.

Stay in Touch on the Move

VoIP systems allow you to keep your business number active no matter where you are in the world.

Looking at the way businesses are running nowadays, mobility can be a crucial factor that makes a lot of organizations go with a virtual phone system.


Since the entire infrastructure of this phone system is digital, the connection is extremely reliable and robust.

A Range Of Features

VoIP offers an extensive range of features that the traditional system can’t match at all. You can host video conferences, send messages, share small files, and send a voice message, among other things.

High Quality

The sound is much clearer on VoIP than it is on regular phones. However, this entirely depends on the internet connection your device is connected to.

Benefits of a Traditional Phone System for Business


These systems are incredibly reliable because everything is connected using wires. There won’t be any spontaneous drops, and your connection will never be ‘bad.’

In case of any natural disasters, phone lines seem to remain intact. Even if they are not, they are usually the first ones to go back up.

Consistent Quality

A traditional telephone line can give you consistent quality. Whereas the VoIP will be either good or bad depending on the internet connection.

Is VoIP Better for Business or a Traditional Phone System?

After going through both the systems, it’s easy to say that VoIP is the more sensible choice.

The VoIP phone system can be up and running within a couple of hours or less, while the traditional might take days or weeks to set up. There isn’t any need for a massive investment to get VoIP.

You can communicate with any employee who is working from home or traveling for business. You can also quickly contact any client no matter where you are.

But the most fascinating thing might be the ability to set up a conference call. You can contact twenty or more people sitting in their own rooms, maybe even in different cities or countries. On top of that, you can give an entire presentation through video conferencing as well.

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