Volvo XC60 2022 Review and Specs

Volvo is making some pretty substantial updates to their best seller. With changes inside and out plus new mild-hybrid power trains. With these revisions, is this the Volvo crossover to get? Let’s find out what’s new and answer that question.

Front design

For 2022 with the new mild-hybrid power train options for. The XC60 Volvo 2022 wanted to signify that by making some very slight changes to the front design. It looks mostly the same, but you’ll notice we have this little accent over here, which looks a bit different and this element. It is new, and few more changes throughout the rest of the exterior. Now, as far as the grille finishes. This is the same design as it was before on the momentum it will be blacked out like.


These will also carry on unchanged for Volvo 2022. that’s a positive thing because these are nice looking full led headlights with standard adaptive abilities that signature force hammer daytime running light and turn signal. You will also find standard led fog lights down at the bottom.


The XC60 continues to offer a ton of different selections starting at 18inches and going all the way up to 21inches .most of those designs are going to be updated for this 2022 model year, including what you see here with this kind of gray finish looks a little bit different than what you had last year.


These will continue to come fully loaded on every version of the XC60. So that means you’ll have heating, power-folding auto-dimming, and blind-spot monitoring.

 the rear

They have changed quite a bit with this design. It might be noticing that right off the bat, but it will go ahead and talk about the other design elements first. So we do still have our Volvo script across the back. We’re also going to have these signature Volvo tail lights. These are going to be full led. I’m a really big fan of the way these look. They have the led turn signal and reverse light and then dropping down. this is where you’re going to see all of your changes as you can tell there are. No exposed exhaust pipes for the 2022 XC60 that will be on all of them, and they do have this slightly different rear diffuser design. That is fully body color, and you’re also going to notice have the new b5 badge.

Interior design tech and amenities

Its have a standard smart entry system, and there has been an update to the key fob design. This is made of plastic. That’s because Volvo has discontinued the leather key fobs across the entire lineup for2022. You do have access to remote start via the on-call app. The vehicle itself, of course, just reaches behind the handle. It will unlock and open up the door and take a first peek inside the cabin. It was not going to notice many changes visually .however, once you get inside the cabin start messing around with stuff, there are a lot more changes than what initially meets the eye.

For this example, it has the optional real leather seats, and then the design will come with Anapa leather and grid insert. Type of seat and then the inscription, of course, comes with the full anapa leather with all of the choices and color including blonde charcoal maroon and amber now turning over here to your door trim. It is nicely finished. You’re going to continue to find leather across the armrest as well as the area above it.

It has speaker grilles with the Harman Chardon sound system as far as the windows. They’re going to be one-touch auto up and down for all four and then driving down here to our seats. We have a standard seat that will be a 10-way power adjusting seat. The two-way lumbar support if you choose. Its design or inscription will add in power adjusting bolsters as well.

XC60 has switched to Volvo’s new android automotive os infotainment system and with that switch. It also has the upgraded 12.3-inch gauge cluster, just like what we saw in the XC40 recharge model. What this is just a more vivid display certainly stands out has a lot less glare and lag than this gauge cluster’s outgoing generation. Additionally, you have some extra features although since. We wanted to get you guys this review as quickly as possible. It has gotten this vehicle before it has the full official software. So it was missing a few features, so we can’t, for instance, pull up the full map display.

Rear seat

It is concerning have to say first impressions are a good one. It has a lot of space for the segment. We’re going to have 38 inches of both leg and headroom. It just places it above the vast majority of stuff in this segment, like the Audi q5 the Mercedes-Benz gland behind receding position.


Volvo nicely throws in a hands-free power one standard across every XC60, .so to open it, wave your foot under the bumper. It does work quite well as well. As far as your spaces back here, we have 22 cubic feet behind the second-row seats. Suppose we fold them to get the maximum that’s going to go all the way up to 63cubic feet of space.

It does place on the very large end of the segment that bests the audio q5 Mercedes-Benz GLC. You’re certainly going to appreciate the space that this XC60 has on board. It has a cargo cover-up top we can fold the seats .it’s going to be 60 40split folding seats if we lift the cargo floor. There is a spare tire up underneath up there. The passenger seat over here will be power adjusting, and we will even keep the power lumbar.


Volvo cars are very popular in the world. Most people love these cards a lot The reason given is that this company always tries to give something new. 

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