Benefits of a fully managed VPS hosting plan for your blog

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You need a reliable hosting plan to run a successful blogging site. However, web hosting is much more than having your site up and running on the internet. There is the question of server security, maintenance, and much more. This is where managed VPS hosting comes in.

While it is more of a choice than necessity, a fully managed VPS hosting has become the hosting solution of choice for most bloggers. 

Below, we look at the main advantages of a fully managed VPS hosting plan.

Benefits of a fully managed VPS Hosting Plan

Better server monitoring & maintenance

Getting your server regularly monitored is arguably the best benefit of a fully managed VPS hosting plan. The server hosting your blogging site is routinely scanned and all aspects are carefully monitored. This includes back-ups & data recovery, memory & disk usage, server hardware, CPU usage, and network traffic.

Consequently, you get optimum performance at all times. In comparison – all server maintenance responsibilities fall entirely on you when you are hosting on an unmanaged VPS plan. If you lack the relevant skills, you might need to hire a technical expert, which will likely inflate your budget.

24/7 Support      

Every blogging site experiences technical hosting issues occasionally. With a fully managed VPS plan, you’re assured there will always be someone you can contact in case you encounter these issues. Depending on the customer support options provided, you can email, chat with or call a dedicated professional to help you with your issues or concerns.

In most cases, they’ll be available to help you almost instantly. This is useful when you don’t want your site to experience any downtime. Responsive customer support also helps prevent minor hitches from evolving into major failures.

Enhanced Security

Website security is a crucial part of running a successful blog and business online. A fully managed VPS hosting guarantees you enhanced site security.  Think of it as having your site hosted in an isolated space with your own resources and someone watching that everything is going well.

You get professionals to handle all security issues and tasks such as malware attack prevention, security patches, and audits. In an unmanaged setting, you are responsible for the security of your blogging site. You are likely to spend more on your own taking care of tasks like installing firewalls and updating security patches, not to mention it’s a tedious process.


When you weigh the benefits above alongside the hosting cost you incur, you realize that a fully managed VPS hosting plan is a cost-effective solution. You incur a relatively smaller cost for expenses such as server maintenance compared to the amount you’d spend hiring a technical expert.

Considering the high rates professionals charge, having such a plan is a lifesaver. It may seem expensive at the beginning, but in the long run, it is economical and convenient.


Fully managed VPS hosting is one of the best hosting solutions for bloggers and website owners. Although it comes at an added cost, it offers convenience & peace of mind that is invaluable for the less-technical or busy users. Once you have subscribed, you can stop worrying about security and maintenance and focus on generating content for your site.

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