Want Your Office to Stand Out? These Office Lifts Will Make You Memorable

Your business could be one of your biggest investments. As it progresses, you should upgrade not only your products and services but the level of comfort you bring to the employees and the clients. One way to do so is to install lifts for your office building.

Types of Lifts for Your Office Building

You might have some questions running in your mind such as ‘Do I really need one?’ or ‘Is it worth the money?’ The answer is right in front of your eyes. Look at your current workplace and imagine if you have a lift in it. You will certainly see some benefits like accessibility, speed, and reduced chances of accidents as compared to using the stairs.

So, what type of lift works best for your office? Take a look at the details below.

  1. Stair Lifts These are the most common types of lifts that are used at home and in some commercial buildings. These bring so much help for individuals by sitting in its motorized seat taking them to another level.
  2. Step Lifts A step lift is the simplest lift that comes in various forms – a simple, small platform to a complex one. It can be in the form of a smaller incline placed outside or inside of the building.
  3. Passenger Lifts For this type, it is meant to carry people from one floor to another. A passenger lift comes in many forms, but it should meet the standards and specific requirements to guarantee the safety of the passengers. You can find them in a variety of sizes, depending on the number of people that it can carry.
  4. Glass Lifts This type of lift is a passenger lift designed with glass doors and walls. It gives a lift to regular passengers, but in a stylish way. A glass lift adds aesthetic value to the office building interior while providing convenient transportation to the people within the building.
  5. Platform Lifts A platform lift also comes in different forms. The only difference is that it is often installed in low-rise commercial buildings where the passengers will go to a few floors most of the time. Thus, this lift moves slower, unlike passenger lifts. Furthermore, a platform lift is commonly used by establishments for disabled access.
  6. Trolley Lifts A trolley lift is meant to transport goods on roll cages and trolleys. It works best for shop settings or buildings where there is often a need to deliver and transport goods between floors.

There are more lifts you can install in your office building and they depend on your office needs. The key is to work with the right professional office lift provider to ensure safety, durability, and reliability in your chosen lift.

You can even have customized designs for your office lifts. Fortunately, there are various professional lift installers that are ready to help you such as https://www.sdlifts.co.uk/products/service-lifts/. All you need to do is to inquire and research a little to find the perfect type of lift for your office. 

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