Water cooling technology helps new energy electric vehicle batteries cool down efficiently

With the popularity and development of new energy electric vehicles, the importance of battery cooling technology is becoming more and more prominent. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation of EV batteries under high temperature conditions, Trumonytechs has introduced an innovative solution – water cooling plate technology, which successfully improves the cooling efficiency of batteries.

With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, batteries are a core component. However, high temperatures pose a serious challenge to battery performance and life. In a high-temperature environment, batteries are prone to overheating problems, which not only affects vehicle performance, but also poses a potential threat to battery safety.

Continuous research into this issue has led to the adoption of water-cooled plate technology as an innovative solution. The technology is based on placing water cooling panels with excellent thermal conductivity between the battery modules and circulating water to absorb and conduct the heat generated by the batteries for efficient cooling.

The advantages of this water cooling technology are:

  1. Efficient cooling: water cooling plate can quickly absorb and transfer the heat of the battery, effectively reduce the working temperature of the battery and improve the cooling efficiency of the battery.
  2. Safety and stability: the water cooling system can stably maintain the working temperature of the battery during the heat dissipation process, avoiding the safety hazards caused by overheating.
  3. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Compared with traditional fan cooling, water cooling technology is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  4. Highly customisable: The technology can be tailored to the characteristics of different car models and battery combinations to provide the best cooling solution.

The water-cooled panels have been used in a number of new energy vehicle models and have shown excellent results in real-world road tests. Vehicle performance has steadily improved and battery cycle life has been significantly extended.

“Water cooling technology brings a revolutionary solution to the problem of battery heat dissipation in new energy electric vehicles,” said the chief engineer of Trumonytechs. “We believe that with the further promotion and improvement of this technology, the market prospect of new energy vehicles will be even broader.”

In the future, with the continuous development and optimisation of technology, water cooling technology is expected to make greater breakthroughs in the field of new energy electric vehicles, further promoting the popularity and development of electric vehicles, and making greater contributions to environmental protection and sustainable energy development.

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