Get your water purifier serviced from certified professionals

Water purity is extremely important in today’s world. Some of the world’s most common and serious diseases are waterbourne – they are caused by drinking contaminated water. Diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and cholera are caused by consuming water that has not been purified. Over three million lives could be saved each year if all drinking water globally were clean. Hence, it has become extremely important to have one of the best water purifiers at home and in the workplace.

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RO water purifiers are ideal for removing undesirable and toxic particles from water. RO stands for reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis uses a partially permeable membrane that removes unwanted molecules, ions, and large particles from water. However, if you want pure water all the time, it is important to get a professional in regularly to service the purifier.

Get professional services

You should consider the importance of a professional and reliable water purifier service from day one, i.e., as soon as you purchase the device. Ideally, you should buy a water purifier from a reputable company. Most top makers and distributors have service centres at strategic locations nationwide, and in some cases globally.

Certified experts know how to repair and service all leading brands and many other less famous makes. Apart from being experts in their field, they are also more likely to use state-of-the art equipment and monitoring technologies.

High-quality spare parts

Like any machines, water purification devices will only continue working as well as the spare parts people put in them. Only use a service company that uses new parts from top manufacturers. In today’s marketplace, there are many copycat manufacturers selling inferior duplicate parts.

Check online for the parts that reputable companies makes. Often, they have serial numbers or distinctive features. Compare them to those your service or repair technician is using.

Make use of the warranty

Certified professionals of reputed companies make use of warranties for water purifier services. They will detect faults rapidly and fix them during their visits.

Take advantage of the warranty your supplier provides. In most cases, they include free servicing and repairs of water purifiers over a certain period.

Frequent training

Certified professionals are provided with frequent training on the latest upgrades and technologies related to water purifiers.

If a servicing company cannot prove to you that their technicians are certified, walk away and look for another firm.

Consider annual maintenance

Most of the reputed brands provide an annual maintenance contract for their customer. An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) helps you get a one-year repair maintenance service for a fixed cost. The contract is similar to one you may have with, for example, the company that services your hot water boiler at home.

Customer service through multiple channels

The quality of customer service helps keep bringing customers back – it is a crucial component of customer loyalty. A good firm should supply multiple customer service channels including email, online chat, phone, texting, and mobile apps.

Some companies today incorporate software with AI in their customer service. AI stands for artificial intelligence. Customers can often fix minor problems themselves by interacting with an online customer service bot. A bot is an autonomous software program – an online robot – that can perform many human tasks. A chatbot, for example, is a software program that conducts conversations with people.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly spreading into many business functions including digital marketing, FAQ sections, customer service, booking appointments, and dealing with feedback.

Benefits of a water purifier

A water purifier does not only significantly reduce or completely eliminate the risk of developng a serious disease. It also removes toxic substances including:

  • Arsenic – dangerious levels of arsenic may be present in tap water. Arsenic or As is a strong poison and carcinogenic. If a substance is carcinogenic, it has the potential to cause cancer.
  • Aluminium – high levels of aluminium in drinking water have been linked to liver disease, skin problems, Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities, and hyperactivity in children.
  • DBPs (disinfection byproducts) – when a chemical disinfectant reacts with organic matter in water, DBPs are formed. Some DBPs can have adverse health effects. The most common disinfection product that water companies use is chlorine.
  • Flouride – many water companies add flouride to drinking water to improve oral health (protect our teeth). However, some scientists and consumer groups claim that flouride can undermine our immune system and cause other health problems.

Other benefits of purified or filetered water are:

  • It tastes significantly better than tap water.
  • It is much cheaper than bottled water.
  • You are less likely to develop an undesirable or serious disease.
  • Purified water is more environmentally friendly than bottled water.