5 latest ways to buy Cryptocurrencies from anywhere

When you want to work with cryptocurrency, it is best if you start your journey with some kind of crypto exchange like bitcoin trader which has a good name all over the world. The functional values are pretty similar to that of brokerage platforms, and they can sell or buy currencies without any issue. When trying to choose a good crypto exchange, you will need to look at a set of integrated structures. This includes the assets, payment measures, fees, and security. This can help you to find the perfect platform for yourself. We have made a list of names that might serve as good crypto exchange platforms for you. Let us check out the details.

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  • Coinbase is one of the best places where you can look in case you want to deal with the values of Bitcoin.
  • It is one of the leading groups of developers with a strong base in crypto exchanges.
  • The crypto investors operating in the United States have found this platform to be beneficial.
  • Coinbase has more than one token exchange facility.
  • It was founded early in 2012 and is a perfect place for retail investors.
  • The security features are more than efficient on this platform, and there is nothing better than to move specific coin wallets to the respected owners on Coinbase.
  • Coinbase was valued at a strict number of 85 USD. This has created a mass clearance for Bitcoin and Ether to get their all-time highs at convenient moments.


  • Hodlnaut can be considered as a lending platform for cryptocurrency, which can help investors to gain money from their crypto savings.
  • The offers presented on this platform include the features like competitive interest rates and even lending Crypto to vetted institutional borrowers in a particular form of loans.
  • The forum was founded in 2019, with its base in Singapore.
  • It became one of the most popular exchanges working in Asia.
  • Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee started this platform to get the best out of the crypto that they have invested in.
  • They have also earned considerable compound interest on the assets withdrawing funds.
  • All of these have indicated positively towards the platform.

Cash App

  • Cash App is one of the peer-to-peer services that allows users to create free accounts that might help them send or receive money as per their needs.
  • This is applicable only to the people within the exact borders.
  • The platform also allows users to add their funds to their accounts in banks with debit card facilities.
  • The platform has extended the services to a great space, and the number of features has been increased as well—direct deposit facilities with the help of ACH payments and the Cash App.
  • The platform had allowed the buying and selling of Bitcoin since 2017.


  • Binance is one of the exchanges that allow traders to get into Cryptocurrencies in 2018.
  • This had been made to keep the local currencies in sync with the Bitcoin values.
  • Twenty-five coins are included in this exchange, and more than 55 local currencies are included here.
  • About 150 payment channels exist worldwide, and the daily volume of business is reaching almost 54 million USD.
  • Binance has several features like zero fees and high liquidity, making it more popular than the other platforms.
  • It also has services about multiple payment measures and escrow services.


  • eToro is a leading social network with more than one million registered users.
  • The array of innovative trading and investment tools can be considered here.
  • The exchange was founded in 2007.
  • The business aims to reduce the dependence on traditional platforms.
  • The popular cryptocurrencies are readily available on this platform as well.
  • Bitcoin assets can be stored in the wallets of Blockchain offered on this network.


The existing platforms to carry out the features of fund deposition or even purchase have links with your bank accounts. You have to exchange the funds so that you are availing of the simple market orders. There are advanced forms of orders which contain limit and stop orders as well. When you have already arrived on this platform, you have to think of measures that will keep you safe from any kind of fraud on cryptocurrency platforms.  Strategize well within the platform. This will help you to keep your profits in your pocket.

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