5 Ways You May Not Have Thought of to Make Money

Money is a precious asset. It’s pretty amazing how something so frivolous in appearance has so much value that it dominates our lives. It’s our means to bread and butter and shelter too. Whether we are old or young, money is something we will need to lead a comfortable and stable life until our last breath.

If you are someone taking care of the elderly, then you would know how they also need money to live contentedly. In today’s article, we’ll introduce to you some novel ways that you never thought existed to make money.

List Your Parking Space

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Image adapted from https://www.justpark.com/about/rent-your-space/

IYes indeed! You can have someone rent out your parking space and pay you in return for it. Two platforms by the name of JustPark and SpotHero make this possible. If you have a parking space that is vacant for some time or never really used, then make use of this opportunity. It’s as simple as listing your parking space on either of the platforms and setting your rental rate – all drivers interested in the area available will message you right away.

As for the payment make sure they make it a direct deduction form their account – it’s automatically transferred to your bank account once paid by the parking space renter.

Rent Out Your Car

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Image adapted from https://turo.com/gb/en/list-your-car

Probably everyone has heard of Airbnb – it’s a platform that allows you to rent out living space. Turo is a similar platform, but for cars only. If you’re someone who has a car, works from home, and doesn’t often drive, then this is the platform for you. All you need to do is fill in the required information, and you will be registered on Turo in no time.

If this option doesn’t sound tantalizing to you, then you can always opt for carpooling. If your neighbors’ kids go to the same school as your own, then you can drop them off to school and make some money.

Pet Sitting

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Image adapted from https://pixabay.com/

Pet Sitting may come off as a strange and new word to you. Well, it’s probably the most excellent job for someone who adores animals. It’s estimated that approximately 80 million Americans own pets. Sometimes people don’t have the time to walk their pets, or they are going abroad to manage their business. In such cases, people would require someone to watch their pets.

Apps like Rover can help you get started with making an income via Pet Sitting. The best part is that you don’t need to have any prior experience. Moreover, money is transferred safely and securely to your bank account.

Create an Online Course

This may be a perfect way to earn for those who are of a mature age or have a specific talent or skill they think is in demand. For such people, Udemy is an excellent platform that allows you to design your course in any subject or skill, and share it with millions of students around the globe. How cool is this? The only thing you would need to get a start in fabricating your course is an excellent camera so you can make videos of you instructing your future students. Moreover, similar to Pet Sitting, prior experience is not required.

Sell Your Artwork

Artwork is so peaceful to look at. If you have a talent for drawing, then why not consider using it to make money? Some people do this for a living. You don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to make this happen, if you like your artwork, then why won’t the outside world? Many online platforms allow you to sell your art such as ArtPal, Singulart, ArtPlease, and more. This is an opportunity for anyone at any age to take hold of. The best part is that you can earn money by working in your own home.


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