4 Ways Online Casinos Are Utilizing the Power of AI

AI, while once confined to the fantasy world of science fiction, is now gradually permeating our day-to-day lives and improving the quality thereof. Casino brands are no exception and there’s a myriad of ways they can use the technology to provide a better service to their clientele.

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Let’s look at some right now:

1. To keep the engagement up

To a casino, every customer is a valuable asset, meaning they will go to great lengths to ensure the best online casino payouts and an engaging overall user experience. One of the things AI can do is to detect whether a customer might be losing interest and considering taking their business to another casino. To prevent that from happening, the system will automatically message them about special deals or perhaps even gift them a couple of free spins just to log in one more time.

2. To detect fraud

Neither sportsbooks nor casinos are completely free of bad actors who try to exploit the system and gain an illegitimate advantage. Since modern AI-powered anti-fraud systems are great at spotting fraud, cheaters can be caught within minutes.

As soon as they are spotted, manual action can be taken on their account, sometimes to the extent of forcing them to forfeit their entire earnings. The reason why the AI systems usually don’t take direct action on the offending individual’s account is because AI technology is not perfect. Therefore, the best practice is to have a human pair of eyes look at the case before any further steps are taken.

3. To improve customer service

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During peak times, thousands of people may attempt to speak to a customer support agent, and there may not be enough staff to handle such an increase in workload. The solution is to direct the initial queries to an AI-powered chatbot and let it assist the customer.

Accessing the knowledge base is well within their capabilities, and so is providing the answer to their queries directly. In case they cannot resolve the issue, they ask the customer whether they want the chat transferred to one of the human customer support agents.

4. To personalize the customer experience

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Online casinos have long known how effective personalization can be. Now, they’ve infused it with the technological powerhouse that is AI and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. For starters, AI can analyze what kind of games any individual prefers to play and what offers have proven themselves the most popular.

The best part is, unlike humans, AI can come to such conclusions in a fraction of a second, so applying in-depth customization to hundreds of thousands of user accounts is easy. On top of it all, AI can spot the kind of details that would have easily evaded a human’s perception, such as what betting patterns the player is making and whether they’re using some sort of a strategy card while playing.


AI technology is here and it’s not going anywhere. Since its uses are nearly endless, online casinos are fully taking advantage of its capabilities to improve customer service, security, and more.

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