Modern Ways Restaurants Satisfy Employees and Their Bottom Line

Running a restaurant is an intricate dance where many moving pieces need to move in harmony together for everybody to win: restaurants can’t function unless the staff are organized and driven to succeed, but success also means a healthy budget.

Restaurants satisfy employees in modern day image4993Thankfully, modern technology like employee scheduling software manages to save the restaurant money in important ways, while also producing schedules all staff will love. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Responsive Schedules in Less Time, and Other Employee Benefits

Depending on their nature, restaurants may open early and close late, and these factors may change on the weekend. Making matters more complicated, an employee who closes late on Saturday can’t be expected to handle the Sunday brunch. 

Sorting out this puzzle every week is no longer a time-consuming burden when you schedule your employees’ shifts with software that has been specifically designed to make this process easy for restaurants. 

The result is both better schedules and fewer headaches — the schedules are created in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. Your staff will also love being able to request days off and submit their work availability remotely, so they can more easily organize their personal lives.

With a built-in section for employee feedback, staff will like feeling that their concerns are being heard and addressed. If a staff member does have an issue to raise, the manager can find out about it before it has time to escalate into a bigger problem.

Important Cost Savings for Restaurants

Restaurants are always looking for ways to reduce their costs without lowering the quality of the food they serve, or at the expense of other intangible aspects of the restaurant like the service or ambiance.

One immediate benefit of no longer wasting so much time creating schedules is a direct reduction in labor costs of 1-3%. As labor is traditionally one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s budget, this is an important gain. The ROI speaks for itself, but this isn’t the only way this new tech saves restaurants money.

The sophisticated time clock feature prevents employees from signing in early, and can also punch-out for them automatically if they have forgotten to do so themselves. This way, employees only get paid for the hours they were meant to work. Restaurants get predictability and tighter control over their budget.

Other functions that result in important cost savings include prompts so the restaurant doesn’t accidentally schedule its staff for costly overtime hours unnecessarily. Why burn out staff and spend more on labor than is required? Overtime refers to the extra hours employees work in addition to those in their employment contract.

Restaurants can be bustling places with a lot of frenetic action that needs to be kept in order. Having one piece of software specifically designed to meet the needs of employees while saving the restaurant money is an invaluable tool — this must be why so many restaurants across North America are using employee scheduling software.


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