Ways to Add Some Excitement To a Long-term Relationship 

You’ve heard the saying, over-familiarity makes love wane. The truth of this saying can hit you in the face if you’ve been in a long-term relationship. You can suddenly wake up one day and ask where the passion went. This article contains tips to help add some excitement again. 

Learn to build sexual tension again

Often times, what a long-term relationship has lost is the sexual passion that was there when it started.  Sex becomes bland as they lose the inventiveness that once fueled the fire between them. 

Build sexual tension in subtle ways like wearing provocative clothes. If you need to hit the gym to look sexy around the waist so your clothes can hang better, do it. Eat food that improves libido. Express your longing for each other by making out, drop sexually charged notes, touch absentmindedly while out together. 

Surprise your partner

While this may include pranking your partner, be kind and put their interests first. Avoid putting them in danger.  If their favorite band is coming to town next week, buy tickets and spring the outing on them that day. Surprises are fun because your partner is not expecting it. And also because the surprise is coming from someone they love. 

Furthermore, you can let them find a painting you had done for them already installed on the wall. Send flowers to them at work if the establishment allows it. Get creative with surprises. 

Make Love, plenty of it

Sex will occur in a more passion charged relationship. How often should you have sex? As often as is needed by your partner. Of course, this doesn’t reduce the fact that you both must understand each other’s needs and how to fill them. Sometimes you should allow sex happen naturally, at other times actively plan for it. Whatever works best at given periods. 

Make sex more exciting

Do this by trying new ways of love-making. This includes switching up on how you have sex. Emily from dragondildo.co.uk says one of the ways to add more excitement in this department is by adding adult toys, like dildos and rabbit vibrators.

There are many types and sizes of dildos, they come in different colors and characters to fit everyone’s fantasies. One of the benefits of adult toys in the bedroom is they can be like having a threesome. Especially if you and your partner are into such sexual fantasies. 

Talk more

Almost 90 percent of what people in working relationships do is talking; on phone calls, texting, and in person. This is why long-term relationships may have lost their excitement—less or lack of communication. To make your relationship more exciting, partners can pick up new hobbies like reading. Instead of going straight to bed after making love, talk about the books you are both reading, share insights from it. Doing this allows you both to listen to each other more. It deepens the roots of affection and fosters understanding. 


A long-term that has lost its excitement can be resuscitated by following the tips above. You also have to realize that all relationships go through this phase. Instead of concluding that your partner suddenly isn’t the one for you after all, apply these tips and see how your relationship takes a turn for the better.