Ways to Expand Your Small Business

If your small business seems to have stopped growing, then you might be looking for ways to boost your sales and increase your profits. Don’t worry, this won’t require a complete overhaul of the way you already do things, but a few strategic tweaks could set you on the right path.

Growth is never easy, but it’s always worth it. While you won’t be able to transform your small business overnight, thinking about the future now will help you get there more quickly. Here are some ways you can increase your sales:

International Shipping

Sometimes opening your products and services up to audiences in a new country can be the push your small business needs. If you’ve already received enquiries about international shipping options, it might be time to consider extending your reach further afield. Before you commit, check out this guide to multi currency payment processing to make sure you get everything right the first time around. Other things to consider are restrictions when sending packages overseas and whether language is going to be a barrier.

Launch a New Product

Your business growth plateau could be due to the fact you have nothing new to offer your existing customers. You may also need to assess if your products are still relevant if you’ve been selling them for a while. A new product launch can not only attract new customers but prompt existing ones into revisiting your website. While this isn’t appropriate for all small businesses, if you’ve been thinking about developing something new for a while, this is your sign.

A New Marketing Strategy

How much time do you spend on marketing? If you haven’t updated your strategy in a while you might not be reaching as many customers as you can. Partnering with a marketing agency could kickstart the business growth you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to expand into social media, SEO or paid adverts, some professional help can go a long way.


Many small businesses underestimate the value of networking. This could be because they’re not sure how to do it or feel intimidated by the success of other business owners. Don’t let fear stop you from making connections with other businesses and potential clients. There are plenty of low-risk networking opportunities online, such as joining a Facebook group or signing up for a free webinar. You never know, you could find the perfect opportunity for collaboration to skyrocket your small business to success.


Small businesses often stagnate when their owners are unwilling to invest their money back into their companies. While it’s tempting to hold onto your profits, you’re never going to expand your products and services if you don’t spend on new technology, new staff, and new strategies. This doesn’t mean spending senselessly on any service that seems new and shiny. Carefully consider the areas of your business that are slowing you down or aren’t as effective as they could be and give them a much-needed overhaul.

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