13 Easy and Practical Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

‘Employees leave for higher pay’ is one of the major myths company owners believe because research shows otherwise. A recent study reveals that more than 50% of employees leave the company because they don’t get enough encouragement from their employers. It means you can retain your team by regularly appreciating their efforts and making them feel valued. Here are a few easy and effective ways to do just that.  

13 Best Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued 

Offer Fair Packages 

A good salary package is the first and most important way to attract and retain your staff. It’s an ideal way of showing that your company values talent. In addition to a fair basic salary, offer employees market-competitive compensation packages, including raises, incentives, performance pay, holiday pay, flexible working days, health benefits, and more.

Reward Your Employees 

Rewarding your employees with awards like customized shields, gifts, trophies and medals, or cash prizes is an effective way to appreciate their hard work and dedication. Employees feel honored and encouraged when they receive such nice gestures and, in return, show more loyalty to the company. 

Engage With Them 

Engaging with each member of your company shows that you value individuals more than numbers. Make time to talk with each staff member about their work and health. Doing so can greatly increase employees’ productivity and motivation. As one Gartner study shows, workers who experience friendly supervision have 20% better mental health than those who don’t have it. 

Involve Them in Decision Making

Involving employees in managerial tasks and providing regular feedback is an excellent way of showing them value. Not only should you take the feedback, but you should also implement their suggestions wherever you can. This will give your employees a sense of achievement and satisfaction. They will feel important to the company and that their opinions matter. 

Treat with Food 

Treating your staff with a special lunch, dinner, or some sweets is always a good idea to make them feel valued. These are small gestures but can positively impact employer-employee relationships. Moreover, eating together improves social bonding between the boss and the team members, increasing team coordination.    

Celebrate Special Days

Celebrating special occasions like employees’ birthdays, work anniversaries, and retirements brings positive energy to all the team members. Celebrating together increases engagement and makes your team members feel special. This, in turn, leads to higher motivation levels and productivity. 

Create an Inclusive Workplace 

Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace promotes a positive work environment where every employee feels valued and respected. You can do this by actively promoting diversity and inclusion, providing equal growth opportunities, and creating policies that support the needs of all employees. An inclusive workplace not only boosts employee satisfaction but also promotes creativity and innovation, ultimately leading to the overall success of the organization.

Offer New Opportunities 

Create new career opportunities and prefer your potential workers to promote internal hiring. It brings a sense of satisfaction and desire to work harder and achieve new career heights. To encourage your employees to get new experiences, you can offer free courses, online classes, and management training programs. You can also organize cross-department training, encouraging your staff to learn new skills and grab better positions in the company. 

Create a Relaxed Work Environment

Offer your workers relaxed working hours, flexible task durations, and enough annual holidays. Moreover, allow short breaks and offer stress management training to promote employee wellbeing in the workplace. A relaxed work environment shows your employees that you care about their work-life balance, which boosts retention rates. Plus, it enables your staff to work freely, thus increasing productivity. 

Arrange Department or Company Events 

Hosting department or company events honoring employees’ efforts and loyalty is a good way of saying ‘thank you’. It’s a good idea to hold such regularly to increase team engagement and remind your staff that your company takes care of them. Moreover, it encourages their efforts in their respective domains. 

Show Empathy 

Showing empathy in hard times is way more important than celebrating achievement. Engage with your workers and motivate them when things are not going right in the company’s or their favor. Allow vacations or relaxed working hours if your team member’s family or personal life is disturbed. 

Offer Leadership Opportunities  

Offering equal opportunities to lead the team brings positive competition among the members. It shows that every worker is equal and gets every chance to grab an upper-level position. Employees who feel their employer cares about their professional growth are more likely to be enthusiastic and confident. 

Regularly Praise Employees 

Praising your employees regularly through emails, texts, or notes is a good way of making them feel cared for and satisfied. Another approach is looking into a no-cost way to show employee appreciation which can be very effective in creating positive employee relations without any significant expense. You can stay connected with your staff through formal and informal ways of communication. This makes them feel engaged and trusted, yielding better results for the company and themselves. 

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