Ways to Use Social Media for Social Good

When we look forward to bring a positive change, we usually use a variety of ways to spread the worth of mouth. Print media, brand ambassadors, and TV ads are some of them. In this modern era of life, social media is believed as the most powerful and affordable tool to make the world a better place by spreading positivity. Whether it is the matter to raise a voice for women’s rights, social injustice, or any other good cause, social media is the best place to do that. It provides us with a quick way to connect with a broader audience across the globe.

Whether you are a social activist looking to build a community of like-minded people or just want to promote a good cause locally, here are some ways you can use social media for social good and spread positivity.

To Promote Good Causes

The promotion of good causes is best done on social media. It is the best place to bring like-minded people on the same page to unite them for a positive social change. Along with popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are many other social media apps like COMMUNITYx that are specifically developed to shed the light on social change. Everyone can create and promote good causes on such social media sites and apps that bring actionable social justice immediately. You can also create virtual events on social sites and invite people to ask whether they are interested to join or not. As a result, you can quickly spread the word about your cause and get it in front of a larger audience.

Spread the Word of what’s Already Happening Around

You don’t have to start your own cause or trend for social good because there are a lot of good causes already running you can participate in. You can use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to find out the current events or causes in your area and let your friends know about them. Just choose something you care about and promote it across your profiles. You can also tag your friends or followers to get your views or opinions in front of a broader audience. Checking the Twitter trends is one of the best ways to find out what is happening around you and how you can play your role to spread positivity and bring social change.

Sign my Petition

As a social worker, if you want local authorities to take an action for social good, you can create a petition. You can do this to demand action about any local issue or problem you care about and encourage your followers or friends to sign that petition. You can find some social media sites that allow you to create petitions for social good and then promote the petition across your social media profiles. In this way, you can spread your voice immediately to the masses and ask them to join you as well.

Share the Facts and Figures

In this digital world, people love to know the figures and facts about things already happening. We can consider COVID-19 for example. Social media is one of the most commonly used mediums to learn about COVID-19 facts and numbers like the total number of positive cases worldwide, number of tests performed in the last 24 hours, number of deaths till the time, and things that can help prevent the spread coronavirus pandemic. You can also share facts and figures about current events, incidents, or other important things that matter most to you and people connected with you on social media. You can design images, infographics, or charts to show figures in an appealing way that attracts most social media users.

To Share Good Stories

Whether you are a non-profit organization, social activist, or welfare organization, there might be a good story that you can share with your audience to inspire. And social media could be the best place to do that. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide you with different ways you can share your stories such as in the form of an article, short video, a series of images, or live video. It will help you let your audience know how you are striving to make positive social change and to make the world a better place for everyone.

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