How to Weather-strip Markham Windows And Doors

You should first determine the right time to install weather-stripping on your Markham windows and doors. Weather-stripping should be carried out during the spring. During this period, the sun shines brightly, and therefore any space is well illuminated, and you can identify it.

Markham WindowsThat is why weather-stripping is popularly known as spring chore because it is done in spring to prepare Markham windows and doors for the coming cold winter season. Weather-stripping is an important undertaking since it enhances the energy efficiency of the windows, something quite appealing to most homeowners during the cold winter and the hot summer.

1. How to Weather-strip Your Doors

First, purchase a weather-stripping kit from your local hardware store. You will find everything you need from that kit for your Markham windows and doors project. Weather-stripping is a significant renovation project done by many homeowners, and there will be various styles in the store such as weather-stripping for vinyl, metal, and wood.

2. Weather-stripping Measurements

From the kit you purchased, you will get two long pieces which should be utilised in the side jambs. There is also a shorter piece that should also be used in the side jambs you need to measure the jambs also.

Make sure the measurements are perfect if you want to accomplish precise weatherproofing. Next, trim the pieces using a hacksaw to the right measurements.

3. Wash Your Windows

Though most Markham windows and doors don’t need cleaning, weather-stripping your windows is a unique home remodelling and needs you to wash the parts where you are going to weather-strip. Measure the edges of the frames and cut the weather strips putting those measurements into consideration.

4. Apply the Weather Strip

Hammer the nails into the frame to secure the weather-strip pieces. This is necessary since it makes the foam protruding to the flange create a bold seal against your door. Slowly drive the nails into the weather-strip and leave them halfway.

Then cut all the protruding pieces to level the weather-stripping. Remember that when you attach the weather strips on the surface of the jamb, they should fit snuggly. So, if the surfaces are course, use sandpaper the surfaces to eradicate rough edges that might have been forgotten to trim when you trimmed the pieces.

5. Ensure Everything Fits Snuggly

Who wants to carry out window installation Markham and after some days the same problems start recurring because you didn’t do the installation correctly? So, ensure you have placed everything in the right place and fit. You may repeatedly close and open the door to ascertain where it is working as expected.

If you notice you are struggling to open it, or it doesn’t close properly, change the weather-stripping until it opens well. Once you are sure everything is operating as expected, you can now hammer the nails and drive them in to hold the weather-stripping.