Wedding Backdrops: Some Guidelines for Choosing Stained Glass Images

Wedding Backdrops - stained glass

Wedding backdrops are ideal for ceremonies, photo shoots, and receptions, so buying one as a permanent part of the wedding venue often makes good business sense. Besides being functional elements of decoration for weddings, wedding backgrounds are also visually appealing. Some even feature stained glass art. You can always trust your photography professional such as Willmus Weddings to help you find the perfect background for your wedding memories.

For wedding venue owners and managers who want stained glass art wedding backdrops, choosing a set of interchangeable panels is often difficult. The following guidelines can make selecting the correct images for a wedding background a little easier:

Look Uplifting

When looking for stained glass wall decor, look for designs that reflect the joyous emotions and spirit of the day. Everyone who looks at the stained-glass art that is part of the wedding backdrops should be inspired and encouraged by the bright colors, exceptional beauty, and relaxing scenes.

There is Power in Symbolism

White, which means purity, is perhaps the best-known example of symbolism used at weddings. Stained glass art wedding backgrounds offer another opportunity to make use of popular and lesser-known wedding symbols. Possible options are peacocks that symbolize spirituality and immortality, wisteria flowers that represent honor and love, and white doves that represent a lifetime commitment to marriage.

Even those who are not familiar with the meaning of certain stained glass art images will appreciate their artistic merit and elegance.

Few can Resist the Beauty of Flowers in Full Bloom

Flowers are often a crucial part of wedding decorations. They add color, natural beauty, and wonderful scents to wedding venues. Due to the popularity of wedding flowers, faceted glass images with floral motifs are almost certainly a highly sought-after option.

Outdoor Scenes Work Well with a Variety of Wedding Decorations

The number of stained glass art images that skilled craftsmen can produce is virtually unlimited. However, when looking for images for wedding backgrounds, those who operate wedding venues should always consider one or more simple outdoor scenes. Flower fields, sunset lakes, mountain views, and forest scenes are examples of images that will work perfectly with a variety of wedding themes and styles.

As a final note, those who manage wedding venues must also rely on their own experience, intuition and knowledge to choose the faceted glass images and scenes that will most appeal to their clientele. People who operate any type of business are well aware of the tastes and preferences of the average customer, and this wisdom should definitely apply when choosing stained glass images.

Stained Glass Patterns: Style Options for Interior Spaces

Whether an existing space is being improved or a completely new one is created, stained glass paintings are one way to add a warm glow and aesthetic appeal to a room, hallway, or entry area. Selecting the best images for a space can seem like an overwhelming process since there are so many possibilities. However, many works have a similar appearance and theme and therefore belong to the same category. Below are some of the most popular types of stained glass art images:


Flowers are very common traditional themes for stained glass images. The appearance of these works is as diverse as the beautiful, brightly colored flowers found in nature. For example, works may feature many small flowers linked together by vines, a design that incorporates flowers and geometric shapes, a single sunflower, or a carefully arranged bouquet in a vase.


The works that belong to this category share some characteristics. Many incorporate flowers into the design, and these types of stained glass art images generally feature rich, vibrant colors such as green, red, and purple. The lines are curved and smooth, and are often part of a complex geometric pattern. Lastly, Victorian paintings frequently incorporate beveled glass.


The characteristics of this type of art are the same regardless of the materials used to create it. The subjects of abstract art are not recognizable objects or persons. Instead, the colors of the work and the material itself are the most important aspects. Cubism and Impressionism are two well-known types of abstract art.

 Art deco

Art deco windows became popular during the first half of the 21st century. The defining feature of this style is the use of geometric shapes and bright colors. Talented artists can create almost any type of scene using glass circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes, from seascapes to simple designs with repeating patterns.

Modern / Contemporary

This is the style that is perhaps the most difficult to define. Artists can draw on any of the techniques or styles developed by previous artists and use their own creativity when crafting decorative elements. Basically, modern works are designed to fit the space where they will be placed and do not need to adhere to a rigid set of rules about shapes, themes or colors.

Choosing the right type of pattern for a space is crucial, but it’s only part of the selection process. For stained glass images to have the desired impact, you also need to consider the color scheme, room size, framing options, lighting, and overall design complexity.

Our customizable wedding backdrops feature the elegant look of stone and the timeless beauty of stained glass. Strong, lightweight and versatile, they are the perfect complement to any wedding venue.