Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

2022 is gradually coming to an end. It gives us simple but striking designs and encourages every bride to make an all-out effort with colors, shapes, and style. April’s New York Bridal Fashion Week marks the beginning of a new chapter in the wedding industry. Looking for that perfect, dream wedding dress 2023? We’ve got some ideas for you! Ready to get inspired?

Groom and bride on a hill

From the most impressive neckline to fantastic transparent layers to color on the runway, there was just so much newness to love. We’ve narrowed it down to our top favorite 9 breathtaking ideas to help you identify the best wedding dress choices based on your findings. Including: 3D florals, transparency, corsets, slits, puff sleeves, bow details, colors, ball gowns and minis. If you are hunting for the perfect dress, take a look at the inspirations selected here.

Transparency & 3D floral

Bride wearing wedding dress on the roof of a building

Trends of transparent bridal dresses 2023 proceed to maintain top position in the world of wedding fashion. Bold brides will be able to show off their splendid body, covered with delicate embroidery and sparkling appliques. There’s something about letting a little skin show through that feels mysterious and intriguing.

The exquisite 3D floral lace and crystal tulle is lovely enough for any season, but it’s especially delightful for the spring bridal dress. A beautiful floral print, fairy 3D flowers or refined even flower petals, nothing is impossible with this trend. Exploring floral design is one of the best solutions for a countryside wedding in nature.

Corset & slit

Latest fashion trends brought corsets to the prom and even casual party wear. Corset bodices are combined with lace, tulle, beading, pearls and embroidery for that regal look in bridal wear. In 2023, designers have reimagined traditional corsetry with a focus on sexy and romantic styles that show off your hourglass shapes much as they help support.

Well known the thigh-high slit has a jaw-dropping effect on every formal occasion event. The fun and flirty high slits now made their way to bridal fashion, allowing you to be a femme fatale showing off your curves. Don’t hesitate to try this trend.

Ball gowns & minis

Ball gowns are a fashion staple when it comes to bridal-wear, they can make any bride feel like Cinderella on her big day. A princess-style wedding dress is absolutely universal and suits all body shapes and types. We are so pleased it is making a return to fashion. For 2023 they will get even more glamorous and popular.

From jumpsuits to simple slip dresses, our favorite trend thus far has been the mini dress. Fortunately, party dresses are also in wedding dresses 2023 trends. Dresses above the knee are most often chosen by cool girl brides to maintain their personal style. Mini Bridal Dresses are also perfect for the rehearsal dinner or reception!


From a fashion faux-shrug over a strapless mermaid gown to a vertical belt bow that offers curves to an ample A-line dress. There’s something sweet and girlish about a bow— but make it the centerpiece of a wedding dress design and it feels sculptural and modern. According to Bridal Guide, oversized bows served as structural elements in a variety of fashion pieces. Although the tiny knotted details are significantly more understated than their voluminous counterparts, they are a delightful addition to strappy back details and belts.


Another way to mix things up? Abandon the white wedding gown in favor of a baby blue or a soft pink confection. With the evolution of styles and artistry, brides now embrace different colors to represent varying emotions. Wedding dresses that are not white or have colorful applique embellishment are sweeping the bridal industry. Daring brides looking to change the way the world sees them, we have the best wedding dresses in mind for you! They will easily crown you as the best dressed amongst 2023 brides in Spring.

Bride wearing wedding dress with a long tail - view from above and behind

Puff sleeves

From cap to the lantern, puff to flare, sleeves have proven themselves to be one of the most distinctive wedding dress features of all time. One of the 2023 wedding dress trends we love are dramatic puffy sleeves. They add such a romantic feel to your bridal dress as well as add volume, size, and scale to the simple silhouette bridal gown. We will see more off-the-shoulder wedding dresses with puff sleeves in 2023. You will feel like a princess in one of these charming gowns!