Wedding dresses catalog: 5 main silhouettes

Even the most beautiful and stylish dress will not look harmonious on the bride if it does not emphasize the dignity of the figure. Looking through the catalog or in the wedding dress shops, most of the girls, first of all, pay attention to the design and appearance of the outfit. And you need to pay attention to the features of the silhouette. There are 5 main silhouettes of wedding dresses: straight, “Princess”, A-shaped, “Mermaid” and “Greek”.

wedding dresses image 4949494Modern wedding collections take into account different types of figures

1. A-shaped cut

An outfit in this style will suit a girl with any complexion – thin, tall or miniature. The high waist will smooth the line of the hips and balance the shoulders, while not focusing on the stomach. A short girl will appear taller in him, and a tall girl will be even slimmer. In the catalog of Victoria Soprano wedding dresses, you can find models with an A-line and stylish luxurious decor.

2. Luxurious skirt

In any collection of wedding dresses, there are dresses with a very magnificent skirt and crinoline. They are suitable for any figure (inverted triangle, rectangle, pear, hourglass). A fluffy tutu will hide wide hips and emphasize the waist, but will not fit a woman with an apple-like figure, because it focuses on the stomach. In addition, girls with short stature should buy such a dress only if the skirt is made of flowing translucent material.

3. The Mermaid

The dress fits the figure, and at the knees it expands into a fluffy skirt resembling a mermaid’s tail. Such a style is suitable for owners of forms such as an hourglass and a pear, but with the right selection of material and decor, it looks good on women with other types of figures. Such a cut is suitable for tall girls and is very suitable for girls with magnificent forms (if the skirt expands from the middle of the thigh).

4. Straight fit

The silhouette resembles a “mermaid”, but the upper part of the skirt does not fit the legs. Often such models are decorated with cuts, sleeves, decor on the bodice. Designers add an open back to the models and combine bright details with pastel ones. Straight fit, suits the ladies with an hourglass figure and forms an elongated silhouette. But the owners of the figures, a pear and an inverted triangle, can wear such a dress with the condition that there is decor on it that can balance proportions. The catalog of wedding dresses from Victoria Soprano offers interesting options for models in this style.

5. ‘Greek’ style

A very high waist under the bodice and a slightly expanding skirt to the bottom will suit a woman with any type of figure. Hair and accessories should match the lightness of the outfit.

Creating collections of wedding dresses from Victoria Soprano, designers take into account the features of all types of figures. For lovers of extraordinary solutions there are mini-dresses, trouser suits with a jacket, outfits in retro style.