How Much Weight Can a Beach Chair Hold?

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Tell me, “how much weight can a beach chair hold?” So many people ask me that. As a result, I have decided to provide an elaborate answer in this post.

Most beach chairs hold up to 300 pounds. However, some hold as much as 500 pounds, and a few others come with a 225 or 250 lb weight capacity.

But why are weight limits critical? Why do some chairs bear more weight than others? How can you find a beach chair that can comfortably hold your weight?

We’ll answer all these questions in this post. Additionally, I’ll give you an overview of the average weight limits for different types of beach chairs.

Why Weight Capacities Are Important

Seriously, do you expect a chair with a 250 lb weight capacity to comfortably bear your weight if you weigh 300 pounds? Of course not!

So, weight capacities primarily determine the suitability of beach chairs. There are actually two dangers of sitting on a chair that has a smaller weight capacity.

One, you could easily bend or worse, break the chair, and that will mean a waste of your money.

Two, you could injure yourself in the process, and this can be costly medically.

So, why take such a risk when you can find a good outdoor chair to support your weight at a friendly budget? Remember, a chair that can hold your weight is more comfortable to sit on.

Why Some Chairs Carry More Weight Than Others

It’s sensible to ask why we have high capacity outdoor chairs and smaller capacity options even by the same manufacturer. The primary reasons are:

  • Users vary in body weights

We all weigh differently, some more than others. So, it makes sense for beach chairs to come with different weight capacities.

For example, most slim and average-weight guys have no problem going for a 250 lb chair.

Nonetheless, such an option may not be ideal for plus-size guys. So, they have to go for those that can hold 300 pounds or more.

  • Age is another factor

Frankly, you don’t expect outdoor chairs for adults to have the same capacities as those for kids. That is because adults weigh more, and as a result, their chairs come with higher load capacities.

While adults’ chairs bear 225 pounds or more, those for kids rarely exceed 75 pounds.

  • The material type has a say

You’ll notice the term heavy-duty being sued a lot when describing beach chairs. Often, It refers to the steel framework, but it can also refer to powder-coated aluminum.

The good thing about the two material choices is that they are super-strong. So, they are often associated with chairs that can hold about 300-500 pounds.

Most users, however, prefer aluminum frames over their steel counterparts because they are lighter.

There are a few other outdoor chairs that feature wood frames. Such options mostly have a 225-250 lb capacity.

Unfortunately, wood chairs can also be weightier. But unlike aluminum, wood doesn’t absorb much solar heat. So, wood chairs are much comfortable even without much covering.

The other material choice is plastic. Plastic is lightweight, and that makes plastic chairs portable. They, however, don’t carry as much weight as metallic beach chairs.

You’ll also find some beach chairs in nylon construction, and good examples are inflatable chairs.

Some inflatable chairs can hold as much as 300 pounds. They are lightweight, which is a plus but unfortunately cannot withstand excessive heat.

How much weight can a beach chair hold

  • The chair design can be of influence

Low-profile beach chairs (those with a ground clearance that’s less than 12 inches) tend to have higher carrying capacities than high-off-the-ground options (those with a 12 inch plus ground clearance).

Do you know why? That’s because low-profile chairs enjoy more stability. Thus, it becomes easy for them to support huge weights without toppling over.

It, however, doesn’t surprise that most low-profile chairs come in heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames.

How You Can Find a Beach Chair That Can Bear Your Weight

You should expect all manufacturers to specify the weight capacities of their outdoor chairs. The information should be under the product’s specifications.

So, look for terms like weight capacity, maximum weight, and loading capacity as they all mean the same thing.

If you don’t find such details, then you better ask the seller or customer support. That shall save you from buying a beach chair that you may never use.

If you are buying for your kid, you should look for the specified age range if the weight capacity is not there. So, you’ll need to match your kid with an outdoor chair that supports a majority of kids of his/her age.

But still, it’s smarter to go with the weight capacity has it is more conclusive.

Different Types of Beach Chairs and Their Average Weight Capacities

There are so many types of beach chairs on the market, and they all come with various load capacities. Here are things to know about them:

  • Backpack beach chairs

These beach chairs come with shoulder straps for easy carrying on the back. They are generally lightweight and so rarely do they carry more than 300 pounds.

  • Beach loungers

These beach chairs are more about comfort, and so they are well padded and more adjustable. Some come in heavy-duty constructions to support up to 350 pounds.

  • Inflatable chairs

These beach chairs are air pumped, and so they come with substantial weight capacities. A good number of them can bear up to 400 pounds.

  • Kids’ beach chairs

These chairs come in small, lightweight constructions. Since they don’t weigh much, they don’t carry much. They mostly have a 75lb weight capacity.

  • Oversized heavy-duty beach chairs

These outdoor chairs are designed to carry the most weight. A majority bear 300-500 pounds, but there are a few others with more capacities.

Check out some of the best heavy duty beach chairs on, a website dedicated to reviewing beach chairs and other outdoor products.


Now you know how much weight beach chairs can hold and why their load capacities are essential. So, you should ensure the chair that you buy matches your bodyweight.

That’s the only way you can get a more supportive, more durable, and more comfortable outdoor chair.

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