Welcome to the Cygnus online slot franchise

The slot world is ever-expanding with plenty of games to access, especially with the variety of online Slots on offer.

Many Slots have their own franchises and one of these franchises is known for its innovation and a top-tier gaming experience.

This would be the Cygnus franchise, which includes the original Cygnus, Cygnus 2, and Cygnus 3 – but let’s have a deeper look into what makes this franchise so special…

Time for Egypt

First of all, this slot franchise is based on ancient Egypt with the name Cygnus creating images and symbols of constellations and other celestial wonders – the perfect mystical nature of Egyptian mythology.

Set upon a backdrop of pyramids, hieroglyphics, and the golden desert sands – not only do the game’s symbols bring a brilliant element to gameplay, but the visuals and audio aid with the ancient Egypt theme.

The only thing to make this even better is the fact that all of this is surrounded by the gameplay of one of the best Slots around!

The gameplay

Cygnus 2 involves six columns and four reels, with columns that can expand up to a maximum of eight rows.

If you’re successful, this will begin with the leftmost reel and pay left to right only on consecutive reels.

There are many features to find once you begin playing like the Avalanche feature, but there’s plenty more where they came from…

With two modes to play from – normal or bonus – which one will you try?

The different symbols

Within slot games, you’ll find a variety of symbol categories that can add to your gaming experience and this goes just the same for the Cygnus franchise – here’s what you’ll find in Cygnus 2:

  • Multiplier

You’ll find that this symbol reaches the leftmost column and increases the current active multiplier which then turns into a wild symbol.

If you get this during the chance-based game, the multiplier can increase and the symbol transition will happen before the payout.

A multiplier can end up on the bottom row in columns two to six and will be removed again in the column that’s furthest left, if possible.

The multiplier will be reset before the start of the next round, so will you see it?

  • Wild

This symbol substitutes for any symbol except the bonus and multiplier.

  • Bonus

A bonus symbol can occur at various times – just one of these times is when one reaches the leftmost column it can trigger a bonus mode with free drops.

In this mode, seven free drops are awarded and the current active multiplier is brought into the bonus game.

It’s key to remember that although these are great additions to the game, all symbols are not guaranteed due to the chance-based nature of the game.

Where to play

With so many elements of gameplay, what adds to this is the fact that you can play not only on your computer but your smartphone and tablet.

Wherever you decide to play, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ancient Egyptian world of Slots!

With such a great addition to the online slot world, which game of Cygnus will you be playing?