What are Audience Polling Systems?

Did you ever get bored while delivering an office presentation or any other similar lecture? If so, then one way to keep it interesting and enjoyable is to interact with the audience so that they can also actively participate in it.

Audience polling helps a speaker to communicate with their audience. It collects and reviews feedback to their particular questions. The audience polling system creates a link between the speaker and the audience.

Audience Polling Software

Audience response software allows the speaker to collect participant’s data. It shows graphical polling results and uses this information in reporting and survey. Usually, the presenter can create and deliver their entire presentation with the audience polling software, PowerPoint, or the other.

Application Of Audience Polling System

Many organizations rent the audience polling system for their purpose. Other than organizations, schools, and educational institutes also use this system to track the student record and to improve the feedback mechanism.

An audience polling system is also called student response system or classroom response system. Sometimes, many students raise their hands to answer a question or to raise a question. In such a case, hearing each student becomes difficult. So, faculty use this system to get a response from students without wasting their time and energy.

Advantages Of Audience Polling System

Given are the ways to add spark to your dull presentation by using audience polling system:

● Immediate Response

A listener response program informs you with one question immediately whether listeners are struggling or enjoying a topic. It helps you to cover your lecture on the fly. Thus, you won’t have to wait for the response amidst the sessions.

● Audience Engagement

Encouraging questions and feedback throughout the session will make listeners more attentive since they need a say in directing your lecture, or event. And, the more you engage your audience within the material, the upper they are going to remember the knowledge.

To increase audience engagement create a variety of questions like true/false, multiple-choice, ranking, and other polls. It also allows participants to pick answers by pressing a button. And, since responses are anonymous, so participants won’t feel the pressure while choosing the answer.

● Tracking Responses

Suppose you have registered your answer in this system, the system will remember your answer. Later on, when the presenter or teacher will check the results or answers, the polling system will help him to track, manage, and assess the answers properly.

● Displaying Results

These polling systems also run some amazing software on the computer of the speaker. When the audience replies to a question or poll, these software feed that data and shows it in the form of different graphs like a bar graph.

Moreover, if the speaker wants to conduct a survey, this system can also help him there. Simply, the audience will feed the answers of their choice and the software will show the results in the form of a percentage. That’s how it makes the wor4k simpler.

● Collecting Data For Reports

This system also helps in identifying reactions of people or audience towards any lecture or presentation, like if they are liking it or not. Also, the software feeds these records in a database. Then the system links the database entries to specific  IDs of parsons or audience.

Moreover, the system supports a user-friendly registration and is easy to connect with other hand-held devices.


Nowadays, technology is surely giving surprises.

So, do you remember the days when getting a response from someone or getting the response of a survey was so hectic? Indeed, it is the same case still. However, technology like audience polling systems makes our way easier, effective, and efficient.

Other than receiving, managing, and assessing the survey and polling results, these systems also help speakers to track the feedbacks of the audience. Thus, it helps them to stay connected with their audience.

So, if you are also thinking that delivering a presentation is the boring and dull moment of the day, you need to try audience polling systems to get the surprising results.

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