What are Breast Pumps? How do they work?

Ut’s not always easy to zero in on the most effective breast pump. You can’t borrow a friend’s to experiment with it because these pumps are meant to be used just once and cannot be properly disinfected or cleaned to prevent the spread of bacteria. It’s quite tough to get a refund for a used breast pump. Research is essential if you want to locate a breast pump that works for your needs.

How we ranked and selected the top breast pumps

We used data from a survey of over two thousand breastfeeding mothers from the What to Expect Community conducted for the Feeding Awards and Mom Must-Have Awards.

We polled the moms in the What to Expect group to find out which breast pump they recommend most and why. The following criteria were used to determine which breast pumps made the cut:

Tips on choosing the right breast pump

Comfort Portability

What works for one mother may not be the best option for you, so it’s important to do some research to discover a breast pump that suits your needs. 

A manual breast pump is inefficient if you anticipate pumping more than a few times per week because of the time and effort required. A double-electric pump would be a good investment in that instance. And if you’re thinking of trying exclusive pumping, you should get the most expensive model you can. 

The volume of noise

There is no such thing as a completely well wearable breast pump, but some are noisier than others. Pick one that has a good reputation for being quiet if you want to pump in a public place, such as an office or during a conference call. 


Do you have access to a power outlet at the location where you plan to pump? If not, for instance, if you plan to pump in the vehicle on the way to work or in a toilet, you might want to look into a double-electric device that includes a battery pack or go with a smaller, more portable battery-powered version. Some modern designs can be concealed under clothing, making it possible to pump with no exposed tubing or wires and without using your hands at all. 

Price and health care protection

Even though your insurance may pay for a breast pump, you may desire a second one to use at the office or to upgrade to a more powerful pump.

Tubing and duck valves are two examples of consumables that need periodic replacement. It’s best to choose a pump with readily available replacement components and to stock up on extras if you plan on pumping on a regular basis. If you need more than one pump, say for use at home and at the office, it can be more convenient to purchase two of the same brand so that all of the components can be used interchangeably.

Overflow milk cannot make its way back into the pumping mechanism of a closed-system breast pump. This aids in maintaining a clean system as a whole. 

MomMed Breast Pump

The MomMed S21 breast pump is a good choice. It has 3 modes and 12 levels for comfortable and effective pumping. It’s lightweight, portable, and safe to use, with a closed system to prevent milk leakage and backflow. The low noise level makes it convenient to use anywhere, and it’s affordable without compromising on quality.