What Are Different Types Of Metal Stamping Services?

Meaning of metal stamping

In simple words, metal stamping is a process in which sheets of different metals are transformed into different shapes. This process is a type of coldworking process. 

Metal Stamping Service is performed with the help of a metal stamper. A metal stamper is a device that can cut through hard metal sheets and coils. With this device, Precision Metal Products are manufactured by Deep Draw Stamping Companies.

The stamping tool is designed with the help of a process called Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). A computerized process is required because every blow and punch of the tool has to be precise. Precision is necessary to manufacture Sheet Metal Stamping Parts in China.

Types of metal stamping

There are different types of Precision Metal Stamping. A good Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturer provides clients with all these types of Metal Stamping Service.

The first type of metal stamping is progressive die stamping. In this process, a single metal sheet is put into the press machine. After that, the press machine or stamping tool performs multiple functions on the sheet. All these functions occur at different stations inside the machine.

At each station, one function is performed on the sheet which changes the shape and size of the metal sheet. When the sheet comes out after going through all the stations, it comes out in the desired shape and size. This process is named die stamping because at each station there is a die that shapes the sheet into the desired shape. 

The next type of metal stamping is transfer die stamping. In this type, the sheet is not directly inserted into the press machine. Instead, the workpiece is separated from the sheet before inserting it into the machines.

This way, different pieces of the sheet can be inserted at different stations of the press machine. Thus, the whole sheet does not have to pass through all the stations. Due to this, the stamping process becomes quicker and more efficient.

This type of stamping is done when the manufacturer wants to make large parts of a device from a metal sheet. Since large parts cannot be stamped together at once, the metal sheet is separated into different parts and then inserted at different stations.

The next type is compound stamping. In this process, one die can perform multiple functions simultaneously. Thus, different stations are not required anymore. A single die can perform punching, cutting, as well as bending in one stroke. 

In this type of stamping, only one station is present in each press machine. Thus, metal sheets are quickly stamped into specific shapes and ejected out from the press machine one by one.

Best metal stamping service

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