What are Hardware wallets and Web wallets?

In this article, we will discuss the hardware wallets and web wallets of bitcoin. In brief software, wallets are the basis of an application bit hardware wallet different from software wallets.

What are hardware wallets?

There are many exchanges or companies that are providing different wallets according to their platforms.

Many companies are developing a bitcoin wallet that will be portable means which will store our bitcoin wallet on a hardware device that can be moved from one place to another place. A hardware Bitcoin wallet means a device where you can install your bitcoin and can use your bitcoin for trading. It will make bitcoin wallets easy to use means you can simply spend your bitcoin through your pocket. But remember that you must have an internet connection while spending your bitcoin.

What are the Web Wallets

In this digitalization, new companies or exchanges like bitcoin revolution website come into existence with new features and increasing tremendously. Web wallets are the bitcoin wallets that are offered by middlemen or third-party companies.

Actually, the bitcoin was started to remove the third party like government and any other to make the smooth functioning of payment. But many new companies are coming into existence that provides bitcoin wallet services to bitcoin users and working as a middleman.

Since all the transactions are stored on a public ledger or blockchain, which is visible to everyone means everyone can see the transactions of every bitcoin user. Some users want privacy or protection, and they want or hide their identity as bitcoin users. So these companies provide features to bitcoin users by providing a certain level of security and protection, and some exchanges promise to hide the identity.

There is some personal information required of a person who wants to use the services of a particular exchange. In simple words, if you want to use a third-party bitcoin exchange, you need to create a new account to their website or exchange in order to use their services, and they will ask you to cater your personal information that is necessary for every bitcoin exchange. Personal information may vary according to the type of exchange.

Choose an exchange carefully.

When you choose a third-party service for your bitcoin account, then make sure to do research before using it. There are many articles on the internet, and you check through the reviews of persons who use the bitcoin exchange. There were some exchanges that were closed because of hacking, and many people lose their bitcoins. So we always recommend you to have proper research before choosing an exchange.

In 2014, the big bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox suddenly disappeared, and many people lose their bitcoin. This is a short example of closing bitcoin exchanges, and there were many examples of that bitcoin exchanges that disappeared or closed. We know that these third parties provide security at a certain level, but bitcoin does not support if you will lose your bitcoin, you cannot claim your bitcoin back because bitcoin does not recommend using third parties for bitcoin trading.

Different types for Web wallets

There are the following different types of web wallets that are provided by third parties or third-party companies:-

  1. Dedicated wallet services

Dedicated wallet services are web wallet services that are provided by the third party companies, and it is not connected with the exchanges. It means that it is connected to the internet, but we cannot say it an exchange.

  1. Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges are also a bitcoin web wallet that is used to store a portion of coins or bitcoin in the storage path of exchanges. We know that it is a convenient method of storing your bitcoin, but from the above reason we have discussed above, we do not suggest you use this bitcoin service.

  1. Mobile Wallets

There are many new companies that come into the market with new technologies because many people use mobile devices, and by increasing the usages of mobile devices, they are creating a new type of bitcoin wallet that can be accessed through mobile devices.


From the above information, we have learned that hardware and web wallets. Hardware wallets are those wallets that can be stored on the hardware devices like USB or other external devices, and web wallets are provided by third-party companies with anonymity and security.

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