What are LEI number prices?

To benefit from longer LEI active periods, we recommend selecting the multi-year option. We automate the annual renewal procedure if you pick 2-5 year LEIs, eliminating the risk of lapsed LEIs. The automated checking procedure guarantees that the Legal Entity data is current and compliant with GLEIF criteria each year, without the need for the LEI holder to participate in the process. When compared to buying one year at a time, multi-year LEIs offer significant savings.

LEI Number prices - Structure of the LEI code
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Prices with LEI numbers

An LEI renewal costs the same as a new LEI application. LEI number prices at LEI Service include customer service in English. If the legal entity changes, the LEI number fee includes free updates. This ensures that the LEI information displayed in the GLEIF LEI database is always up to date and accurate.

What types of payments are accepted?

Individual Legal Entity Identifiers can be purchased using a credit card rapidly. We created the EnterpriseLEI solution for volume/bulk LEIs. Purchasing in bulk (for your own company or your clients) results in lower prices and billed purchases. EnterpriseLEI features capabilities for discovery, bulk upload, automated renewal, and API access, as well as an accelerated LEI service.

What does the LEI cost pricing include?

Price of first registration or renewal with a reasonable charge for the duration. The GLEIF fee is already included in the pricing. The GLEIF surcharge is currently 11 USD per application for one year.

Please note that ALL costs are included in our prices. If you’re comparing prices with another service provider, be sure they include the total cost. It is usual practice to first display the price even without the GLEIF fee.

What makes an LEI number different from an LEI code?

Consider an LEI number to be an international company registration number. On a global scale, the LEI number is used to identify participants in financial transactions.

There is a price for applying for an LEI code, as well as a yearly maintenance fee to keep the code valid. An LEI number is required for all legal entities, including corporations, funds, and charities.

Who has the authority to issue an LEI number?

GLEIF, a nonprofit organization tasked with maintaining the integrity of the worldwide LEI system, is in charge of coordinating LEI-number issuing. The LEI number is physically issued by GLEIF authorized Local Operating Units.

All LEI numbers and reference data will be published to the GLEIF LEI database, which is open to the public. The LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee, which is made up of various global financial institutions, oversees GLEIF. A free legal entity identifier search is available through GLEIF. The legal entity identification search will reveal whether or not the LEI is active, as well as when it will expire.

Who needs an LEI number?

Since the 3rd of January 2018, all EU legal entities subject to MiFID II have been required to trade with a valid LEI (e.g. bonds, stocks, futures, etc.). Many nations outside the EU have accepted the ideas, including the United States, which has done so through the Commodity Exchange Act. Furthermore, firms subject to the MiFID II transaction reporting requirement are unable to accept trades initiated by clients who do not have a valid LEI number.