What are the pros and cons of social media? 

As you all know that most of the population now uses social media. But have you ever wondered that does social media impact your life or not? Although it is so true that how an individual can bind to use social media. From children to elder people, we need social media to carry out daily life activities.  

Social media has a theme of multitasking in our lives so; it’s up to you how you can manage it all. You can take advantage or disadvantage of social media; it’s all your preference. We are totally dependent on smartphones and other devices. 

Have you ever gone out without your cell phone or just kept on going? That’s how social media influences our life. Especially, teenage have a serious impact on social media usage and we are going to learn are positive and negative impacts on their lives. There are many social media platforms are available like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Some adults are so involved in these apps that they are addicted to social media platforms even though many people buy Instagram followers from various sites. They also communicate through these platforms. So let’s discuss the platform which supports social media usage. 

A different platform for social media 

People are using different platforms that are providing access to social media usage. Many individuals are using alternative apps and sites to be a part of social networking and social communication. You can also be a part of it. These apps sometimes are so addictive that people are dying to have active followers and want to stand in a community. But in case they don’t achieve social satisfaction then they are disappointed. Not only this but to treat their disappointment, many sites are providing active followers to users like iDigic so they can satisfy themselves and build social media families. They are various apps but some of them are listed below. 

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

What are their pros and cons? 

The main topic of discussion is whether is their life affected by the usage or not. To avoid any future complications why don’t we go through their positive and negative outcomes? So, if they have any impact then we can be able to avoid our generation and lead them on the right path.  Social media may be beneficial for kids, but if they ever feel uneasy about something they read or see there, they should follow their instincts and talk to an adult, such as a parent, teacher, or other respected adults. Social media bullying, threats, and brutality are all indications that the perpetrator needs support.

  • Provide connectivity

The main benefit of social media usage is that they connect people and make it easier to talk with family and friends. It is a good source that you can freely talk to your loved ones and no charge upon it. You can talk to your close ones even if they are miles away from you. Previously this is not so easy to talk about because social media or networking isn’t introduced in this world. People tend to write letters to their loved ones and send them. They receive letters after a week or a few days. So it is so difficult to connect but now you can just click and within seconds you can talk to anyone out there. 

Isn’t it amazing? 

It does amaze those who are living far away from family and they can now connect with them so easily so, we can say that this is the positive impact of social media platforms for everyone. Moreover, there are other pros which are listed below. 

  • Financial services

To compete with financial issues we can use online social platforms like jazz cash, easy paisa, and more. So we can exchange money through them by just sitting at home. 

  • Bill payment information

Different banks and other institutes or organizations start online payment services to facilitate their users so it is also very essential to use them and fulfill the basic need of payment. There are various other positive uses of social media that help humankind very much. Some more are online education, career training, content discovery (YouTube), civic engagement, fundraising, social awareness, providing a voice, excellent marketing tools, and distant work opportunities for all over the world. 

What are the cons of social media?

Fear of being left out of FOMO has emerged as a widespread motif and frequently encourages constant social media site checking. Your mental health may be impacted by the notion that you could lose out on something if you are not online.

Self-esteem problems: Social media platforms offer features that enable users to compare themselves to others and gain praise for their looks. It may be connected to worries about one’s body image. The most susceptible to this are “selfie addicts” and those who spend the majority of their time uploading and scrolling. In actuality, the majority of undergraduate ladies who log onto Facebook at least five times every day are likely to associate their worth with their appearance.

Social media may become addictive: When you play a game or do a chore, you try your best to do it well. Whenever you achieve your goal, your brain releases dopamine and other feel-good chemicals, making you joyful. When you upload an image to Facebook or Instagram, the same technique is at work. You’ll unconsciously recognize it as a reward once you start to see all the alerts for likes and supportive remarks flashing up on your screen. Yet social media is also rife with activities that might alter the mood.


I hope in this article you will able to know how social media impact the life of humankind. You can also avoid it if you see any negative impact in your life. you should engage in limited use of social media and use it safely.

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