What are Snapchat scams, and how do they work?


Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in the world right now. It is a developing multimedia firm that allows users to create and share unique content through messages with friends. Teens and young adults mainly use this application to share pictures and videos via filters, stickers, and many more. Unfortunately, while it is a convenient way to chat with friends and family, reports of fraudsters using Snapchat to launder money from the victims have emerged.

Whether you are actively using Snapchat or your children are on this application, here are some things to look out for to not fall for Snapchat scams so you can have peace of mind while chatting with buddies.

What are Snapchat scams?

Scammers usually hack users’ accounts and pretend to be them. This can occur in multiple ways. One of the most common ways is a Data breach, where the user’s details like user ID and password are leaked. Once the fraudster gains access to the user account, they target the user’s friends list.

Social media networks like Snapchat have seen a tremendous increase in fraud. As a result, numerous users have alerted authorities to possible hacker activity on their accounts. The same goes for Snapchat scam victims who have lost money due to hacked accounts. Since users are unaware of the account’s condition, scammers frequently contact users via compromised accounts and give a false impression.

Snapchat has been inundated with numerous additional ploys, with extortion being their only goal.

How does the Snapchat scam work?

According to our research, several instances of user accounts on Snapchat being compromised and used by hackers without the user’s knowledge have been reported. Although scammers use a variety of tactics, data breaching is a regularly used technique. It is where user information, such as login information, is exposed.

The Snapchat money scams continue to grow. The friends and contacts listed on a user’s Snapchat account are the targets after gaining access to the account. The scammers communicate with them while posing as account owners and ask for assistance. Some con artists start the snapchat scams with a meticulous strategy, claiming they want money due to a totaled car or that a family member requires urgent treatment and support. Their goal is to extract funds from the connections to leave after all their needs have been met.

Blackmailing victims is another tactic used in some scams to extort money. For instance, the con artist can pose as a user with technical difficulties and ask a friend for advice. Their strategy is to acquire login credentials or other information so they can threaten and extort money from the person offering assistance.

Since 75% of Snapchat users are young people who follow influencers or communicate via videos and photographs, they are only vaguely aware that such scams still exist on the platform. Additionally, many users have used the Snapcash tool to connect their bank accounts to Snapchat. It facilitates transactions and makes them more straightforward, but it also provides con artists access to your money.

Most Popular Types of Snapchat scams:

Here are the most popular Snapchat scams that one needs to be aware of.

  • Snapchat premium scams: 

It’s a common snapchat scam when the person running the account uploads images and videos with explicit content. Photos of women posing seductively or sexually are uploaded in the the premium snapchat scams, seducing the visitors. They develop a VIP service where viewers can access nude photographs or order maneuvers.

Users use the Cash app and other applications as mobile payment gateways to buy premuim access. When the payment is made, the scammers either disappear from view or go on to send exciting content to earn more money. In any case, they let you down by failing to provide the promised content.

  • Snapchat catfish scams:

The Snapchat catfish scam is also known as the Snapchat romance scam. These accounts are created by uploading pictures and videos of handsome personalities and tricking users into believing that they are talking with the person in the uploaded image. The fraudsters make you feel that you have a romantic connection with the person you think you’re talking to, and begin to ask for funds.

  • Snapchat meetup scams:

Snapchat meetup scams are pretty similar to premium scams. However, instead of promising to provide adult content, the fraudster promises a meet up for a significant amount of funds. The con artists pose as celebrities and mislead unsuspecting victims to send funds or even sometimes ask to provide credit card numbers in exchange for an in-person date which never happens.

  • Snapchat sex scams:

Snapchat sex scams are another type of fraud that usually target users looking for adult content online. In this case, the con artists contact you and claim that they want to talk to you through various dating sites, for which they provide the link. 

Once you click the link, you’re redirected to the website page, where you will be prompted to enter your credit card numbers or make a payment for the service. Once you hand over the funds, the scammer disappears.


The suspicious behavior on this social media platform is known as Snapchat scams. Scammers’ main target is stealing your funds and to get access to your details. Snapchat scammers seem to be reliable individuals by convincingly interacting with potential victims. At the same time, some fraudsters make genuine romantic claims, whereas others prey on your debit or credit card to demand funds. 

You must always choose a strong password and know how these scams operate since once your account gets compromised, the fraudster can view and access your personal pictures.

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