What Are Some Betting Tips That Experts Use?

While betting may be just a hobby or a past-time activity for most of us, there are many who pursue betting or gambling as a serious activity. Their sole goal is to do whatever it takes to maximize their winnings. Many of us rely on expert betting picks and blindly place bets. But some have their own strategies regarding how to earn the most. Let’s find out some of the commonest ways used by betting experts to score wins.

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting, also commonly known as arbing, is a common technique used by punters to ensure profits, no matter what the result. Arbing is a technique borrowed from the stock markets and takes advantage of the different odds for the same event on different sportsbooks.

Using some mathematical formulas, you can determine the exact amount that you need to bet on both the bookmakers to eke out a guaranteed profit. There are also specialized software that keeps an eye on the odds of most popular bookmakers and alert the users whenever there is an arbing opportunity

Hedging bets

Another popular and relatively easy method of extracting a profit is hedging your bets. Whenever you place a bet on an online sportsbook, it is a `back´ bet, meaning that you are `backing´ a team to win. Contrary to the sportsbooks, betting exchanges allow to place `lay´ bets also, where you place a bet on a team to `not´ to win.  Therefore, you are essentially betting on both the possible outcomes of an event, and you will win no matter if the team wins or loses.

Hedged betting works the best when you have free bets lying in your sportsbook account. You can use the free bet to place the `back´ bet and place a wager on a betting exchange using real money to place the `lay´ bet. This will guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome.

Proper research

Proper research is one of the essential basics in the world of betting. If you do not understand the basics of betting and gambling, you will end up losing more often than not. Most novices place bets on a `hunch´ or on `who they feel will win´. But in order to get more bets right, you need to study the teams, their opponent, player forms, venues, and even the weather at times, for sports like cricket. The more you get to know how these factors affect the outcome of a game, the more likely you are to place a winning bet.

Playing games with the lowest house edge

Every gambler must be familiar with the term `house edge´. It is a mathematical advantage that a casino has, and it is incorporated in all the games played inside the casino. The house edge ensures that over time, the casino always wins.

While games like Keno and Slots boldly describe huge jackpots and are some of the biggest attractions inside a casino, they often have the highest house edges. For slots, the house edge may go up to 20%, while for keno, it can go even higher at up to 40%.

However, seasoned players are always likely to pick the games which have the lowest house edge. Some of the favorites include blackjack, in which the house edge can go as low as 0.5%, and baccarat, where the house edge is about 1%.


While following the above-mentioned strategies may definitely increase your winnings, there is no sure-shot way of making money each and every time you bet, as some factors are always beyond your control. Betting and gambling carry a real risk of losing money, and you should always stick to using a fixed bankroll, which you can afford to lose while betting.

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