What are the 10 Best Ways to Create a Disposable Email Address?

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Email is one of the foremost necessities to carry out all online work. From online admission to business, the use of emails for getting services is integral. However, primary email repetitive use could create trouble for you in the form of digital fraud, threats and spam. By using the temp-mail, you could avoid all these malware attacks in your personal inbox and ensure your personal safety.

10 Best Ways to Generate Temporary Emails:

In this article, I have given the ten best methods to create a temporary email address. Look at these suggestions which are given below:

  • Temp-mail.co: Top-Level Website

I would prefer this website’s services as I have been using it for various kinds of activities. In my opinion, among all ways, the use of this site is best.

  • You can create unlimited emails in the basic version of disposable email address.
  • After three to four hours, it will be automatically deleted.
  • For advanced features, get its premium version to make ten custom domain emails of your own choice.
  • These custom emails remain till your subscription expires after one year.
  • Other than that, there is a monthly subscription package also.


  • It is highly user-friendly and simple in process.
  • Easy to access anywhere for multi-purposes.
  • Chrome extension is available for enhanced user experience.
  • Reliable and secure tool for digital use.
  • No third party access or chance of data theft.
  • Device compatibility level is high.
  • Login credentials, registration or any process not required to get its services except the premium version.

Open the site, you will see the temporary email of a different address. You can copy and paste the random email address link on the website where you want to avail the services from.

  • GuerillaMail:

Getting Custom emails, this is also a good website. After one hour, your disposable mail generated on this website will be deleted. It provides various handy features for users. This site allows sending and receiving messages.


  • You can get eleven domains here at one time.
  • Provides services for password management.
  • Deals with a two-way communication process.


  • Any third person or party could access your inbox if they know your ID.
  • 10 Minute Mail:

As its name depicts, the temporary email will remain only for ten minutes. Anyone can use this site easily. By simply opening this website, you will see the address. After copying the random address, use it at your desired platform. It is safe to use as it never discloses your sensitive data to any third party source.


  • The process to use this site is simple.
  • Fully encrypted.


  • Not suitable for the use of all kinds of websites.
  • Not User-friendly.
  • Don’t store the mail for more than 10 mins.
  • MinuteInbox:

This one is preferable for creating a temporary email address as it facilitates its users by providing the best features. By default, the address will remain only for ten minutes. After that, it will expire after one time of its use. You have the facility to adjust the duration time of the burner mail, especially for custom domains.


  • It offers the feature to extend the email for up to one month.
  • The email retention duration is adjustable.


  • Gmailnator:

For instant services, use this website for creating multiple disposable emails. It protects your personal inbox from spam by providing its tremendous services. The largest social sites companies easily detect fake emails. With the gmailnator, you could easily avoid the detection of your account information on these social sites.


  • Within seconds you can generate your own Gmail address.
  • Best at showing you anonymous on online platforms.


  • The drawback is that it shows many ads.
  • AnonAddy:

From getting rid of spammers, this site is perfect for use. It offers both its premium and free version to its users. Using this app improves your internet privacy and security. Open to this site to copy the address for online use. Its services facilitate the users quite well. AnonAddy is a user-friendly tool to use.


  • You could also forward mails by using this site.
  • Allows two-way communication.
  • Users can also forward the message.


  • Sometimes the process becomes slow for creating multiple emails.
  • EmailonDeck:

For subscriptions on unauthorised apps and tools, use the site of emailondeck. After ten minutes, the fake mail will be deleted automatically. It is fast to use as its procedure includes only two steps. Sign up at your desired platforms by using this site.


  • It is easily operated on all devices.
  • It is a user-friendly tool for temporary emails.


  • Not suitable for long-term use.
  • ThrowAwayMail:

This site service is also best for creating temporary mails to hide your identification on digital platforms. Generated email remains for almost two days. After that, it will expire from the website within forty-eight hours.


  • Its access is easy as anyone can open it.
  • Retains the emails in the temporary mailbox for around 2 days.


  • Many users are not satisfied with it.
  • Not user-friendly interface.
  • Not easy to use.

Not only do you receive the mail via but also send messages with trash-mail. You can create temp fake mail using this website. Its services are free to use and also provide two-way online communication generally.


  • Users can easily create multiple custom addresses here manually.
  • Helpful for sending the attachments.
  • Allows two-way communication.


  • It is a highly unstable platform to use.
  • Glitches in the premium method.
  • Maildrop:

It is a tool to detect and prevent all kinds of spam mail from coming into your inbox. You can send ten messages through it. However, owing to its specific domain, it is not more recommendable. Some of its merits and demerits are listed below.

Positive Aspects:

  • It has its anti-spam tool which is cloud-based to spot unsolicited messages.
  • With its .cc domain, users can create unlimited custom domains.
  • After twenty hours, the temp email will be automatically expired.

Negative Aspects:

  • Don’t use it for sending any kind of sensitive information as the website also warns its users to avoid sharing any important data.
  • It is not convenient to use for receiving emails.
  • Very slow to use for unknown domains.
  • It is easily recognizable.

Final Thoughts:

You can generate a temporary email by following the above all ten ways. In my opinion, among all, temp-mail.co provides the most reliable, efficient and economical disposable email address services with easy to use procedure and user-friendly interface. Experience the outstanding services of this website. In addition, you can use a temporary email application for enhanced user experience as it is the perfect option to choose. Ensure your safety on online platforms by using temporary addresses.

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