What are the Average Prices for a Comedy Show in Leicester Square?

Nobody likes to be ripped off. This is particularly true when trying to enjoy a night out with friends. Yes, you want to have a fantastic time. But, you do not want to feel like people are ripping you off left, right and centre. 

You want to find a balance between value for money and having a fun time with your loved ones. You may be considering going to see a comedy show in Leicester Square. But, you are not familiar with the prices you pay for this type of event. Well, the answer to this question will depend on what type of comedy show you will see. This guide is going to help you find the right one.

Free Shows Happen from Time to Time

There will be times when free shows are available in Leicester Square. They can happen spontaneously in pubs one night a month. Alternatively, they could pop up at other venues as a way to have some fun. Of course, the show will cost nothing to get into, which might be what you are looking for if you are on a budget. But, if you are in a pub or other venue, the likelihood is that you will spend money on something else, such as food and drinks.

Know the Pitfalls

In theory, free shows sound great. But, you have to realise that the quality of comedy will not be the same as at a paid show at a comedy club. They are going to be amateur and there is a high risk that the show will not be funny or what you were really looking for. You might think that you are not wasting any money by going. But, you can end up not having a great time with your friends.

Therefore, realise the pitfalls of free comedy shows. They are more likely to be amateur performers and the shows can be unorganised. It can all seem a little unprofessional, so there is a risk that it might not be the reunion you were looking for with your friends. Nothing is worse than getting blamed for the failed get-together. You can feel guilty like you have let everyone down.

Professional Comedy Shows are Worth the Money

The next option you have in Leicester Square is to see a professional comedy show. Often, you have to book tickets online beforehand. Head to https://comedycarnival.co.uk/leicester-square/ to see an example of a popular comedy club that knows how to have a good time. You will see all of the shows available in Leicester Square and with experienced comedians that can command the stage.

So, what is the average price of a professional comedy show? Every comedy club and venue is going to be slightly different. Typical prices include £10 to £60 per person. The exact price will be depicted by certain factors.

The Experience

One of the major differences between free and professional shows is the experience of the comedian. You will find that free shows are amateur and have people testing out jokes. This is in contrast to professional shows that are hiring experienced and well-known comedians. So, this is what you are paying for; experience. This can make a huge difference since it can enhance the fun you have at the show.

The Person

The price of the ticket can also depend on the person. For instance, some comedy clubs will run special tickets for students. This means that they will get a discount on the ticket they buy. While they will have to display student ID, this can be a great incentive to go to a show. After all, you are getting to see a professional, organised night in Leicester Square.

The Type of Ticket 

There can be various types of tickets available. You will have the standard ticket, which gains you entry. This is often going to be the cheapest. Yet, some comedy clubs offer some fantastic packages that can vary in price. For instance, this can include a nearby restaurant reservation and dinner menu. What’s more, it can secure reserved seating for the show. This ensures that your party remain together.

The Comedy Club

Of course, the comedy club itself is going to control the pricing from guests. You may find yourself paying more for an established comedy club that has plenty of facilities. You should see this reflected in the types of shows they offer. Indeed, it can be worth paying more for certain comedy clubs since you know you are going to have a good time. They are reputable and ensure audiences have enough entertainment from the beginning to the end.

The Occasion

You may find that certain occasions cost more than others. For instance, if there are special shows and performances during the holidays, the tickets can cost more. In addition, if there are more comedians performing than normal, this might also boost the price.