What Are the Best Alternatives to Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski Crystals have been the popular choice among jewellery designers, fashionistas, and other stone enthusiasts for a long time. And rightly so! The impeccably cut stones with exceptional clarity produce an illuminating glow that highlights the luxury and glamour of their crafts.

However, as a rhinestone creative, refining your art by exploring alternatives might help you cater to various preferences. Whether you’re looking for crystals with similar brilliance to Swarovski, different cuts, or a more versatile crystal, you can shop at Bluestreak Crystals for incredible and genuine pieces. 

Let’s explore some stunning alternatives that can expand your creative possibilities. 

Preciosa Crystals 

Manufactured in the crystal valley of the Czech Republic, Preciosa Crystals are renowned for its detail-oriented and precision-cut rhinestones. They offer an array of crystal components with outstanding clarity and sparkle, making them the ideal Swarovski Crystal substitute. 

Their range comprises pendants, strands, beads, pearls, and drops, all suited for endless creative projects for interior decorations, rhinestone embellishments, and jewellery making. They’re available in different shapes, including bicone, teardrop, heart, square, and round, amongst other shapes. 

Serinity Crystals 

Alongside Preciosa, Serinity Crystals are at the top of the ladder as perfect alternatives to Swarovski. They are handcrafted in Austria using the most exquisite of glass-cut rhinestones that create striking glamour and brilliance. 

They produce an extensive range of elegant crystal components, including flat back crystals (hotfix and no hotfix), pearls, bicone beads, pendants, and sew-on rhinestones. With over a dozen colours and shapes available for each crystal component, they’re a perfect alternative for Swarovski. 

Asfour Crystals 

Asfour Crystals is a luxurious Egyptian crystal production company that creates a variety of crystal elements. They are well known for their intricate cuts, which come in various forms like pear, round, oval, and bicone. Their splendid crystal cuts give jewellery designers the freedom to experiment with various styles, just like Swarovski Crystals do. 

As a result of their brilliance and remarkable craftsmanship, they are frequently utilised in elaborate jewellery creations such as figurines, chandelier builds, clothing accessories, and ornamental elements. 

Estella Crystals 

Estella Crystals is a great choice if you’re searching for an affordable alternative. They specialise in producing the finest glass rhinestones with equivalent clarity and brilliance to Swarovski Crystals. 

If you’re in the jewellery embellishment business, you can incorporate their rhinestones in your nail art designs, clothing, and accessories,  among other embellishment projects. They also offer multiple precisely cut crystals in various hues and shapes, allowing for design versatility. 

Lalique Crystals 

You should consider Lalique Crystals if you’re yet to use them in your jewellery projects. They’re renowned for their elegant and glamorous French-designed glass art, homeware, and sculptural designs. 

Interior decorators are particularly drawn to Lalique Crystal’s aesthetics because of its contemporary and futuristic designs. Their ornamental and jewellery pieces offer rare artistry in many shapes, including vases, perfume bottles, architectural elements, and other decorative items. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Swarovski Alternatives

With so many high-quality options available, choosing Swarovski alternatives may be challenging. To navigate this, there are some factors you should consider that can help you make an informed decision. Here are some essential factors you should consider: 


Your pocket comes first when choosing the ideal substitute. Most Swarovski Crystals are quite exorbitant and on the high side. Therefore, in seeking rhinestones with equal quality and cost, you should establish a budget to narrow your search easily. 

Aesthetics and Precision Cuts 

In recent years, Swarovski has dominated the market not only because of their high-quality crystal glass but also their precisely cut and fashioned rhinestones. You should pay attention to the aesthetics of the alternatives you choose. Consider the variety of shapes, colours, clarity, and brilliance. 


Finding a replacement with the resilience and durability of Swarovski may be challenging, even while other crystals may have comparable or somewhat identical features. Therefore, it’s important to consult rhinestone experts and creatives on options that can preserve their shine while resisting wear and tear. 

Intended Use 

Finally, the intended use of your rhinestones is important in whatever decision you make. Some crystals are better suited to certain jewellery projects than others. Determine what design possibilities you’re trying to explore and the theme you aim to achieve 


Swarovski Crystals are undoubtedly made of the highest caliber that exhibits superb craftsmanship with radiating glimmer. But it’s essential to evolve in your rhinestone creative designs. Preciosa, Serinity, Estella, and Lalique are exceptional alternatives, all with diverse shapes and unique aesthetics you can choose to explore.