What are the best options to invest money?

Choosing a flexible investment option is a vital decision made by people of all income groups. There are long-term and short-term investment opportunities. When it comes to deciding on an option, you may have doubts. Is a gold loan in India a safe investment choice? Let’s look at the best investment possibilities to grow your money.

Fixed deposit 

Fixed deposits are one of the most stable and safe investment options. Market fluctuation does not affect your FD amount. Besides, it comes with an assured return, and the principal amount doesn’t depreciate. 

Direct equity

If you are looking for a long-term investment option, go for direct equity. It includes corporate equity and binds you to the legal terms of the company. When you buy a company’s share, you get the right to attend business meetings. Investors should know that the performance of a company has an impact on market shares. Direct equity has both disadvantages and advantages. 

Stock investments

Liquid funds include stock investments, where money gets invested in government securities and bonds. It allows you to invest for three to five months, and withdraw the money. 

National pension scheme

A national pension scheme is one of the federal investment options. It secures the life of a person after retirement. It lets you invest in government loans, equity, and investment options at your convenience. 

The national pension scheme (aka NPS) isn’t only an investment option but also helps grow money after voluntary retirement. 


PPF offers risk-free options initiated by the government. Though PPF has a 15-year maturity option, you can withdraw a partial amount after six years. You can use your PPF amount to get loans as well. 

Gold loan 

Gold should be an integral part of your investment portfolio. It is because the weight of gold increases with a decline in paper investments. Though it has short-term volatility, gold loans in India have a consistent value. It takes minimum processing time and has no managerial expense. 

Why should you invest in a gold loan?

The fact is that you can save more by investing more in gold loans. Gold is a safe investment. 

Unlike paper assets, gold can retain its value through the years. The price of gold increased three times between 1997 to 2007.

It doubled between 2008 to 2012 and reached the Rs 12000 mark. The value of reserve currencies, on the contrary, fell against other currencies between 1999 to 2009. It made people flock to the security of Rupeek

For the past several years, the gold loan has safeguarded investors against the erosion of paper currencies and inflation. So, a gold loan is an investment option that is worth it. 

When markets are in a decline stage, gold loans act as a safety net. Investors turn to gold when they anticipate that the price of stock or bonds will go down. Unlike stock and bonds, the value of gold relies on price appreciation. For short-term investment returns, Rupeek.com is your best bet. 

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