What Are The Common Causes Of Water Damage?

Water damage in homes has become a common sight these days. When such a situation occurs, people experience panic and don’t know what to do to start the restoration. If minor water damage occurs at your home, you can clean yourself, but if there is severe water damage, you need to contact a company that offers water restoration services. In this article Operation Restoration Columbus will discuss the sources and types of water damage to get a better insight into what shall be done in water damage.

Sources of water damage:

  1. A problem in the plumbing system- There may be a leakage in your home’s plumbing system. It is difficult to pinpoint any leakages because this starts from a small bursting of a pipe or water starts leaking from below the sink. These things get noticed only when the house or any specific area starts flooding due to excessive water.
  2. Clogging in gutters- most homeowners are guilty of not keeping their gutters clean and, in fact, using items in the sink that further clogs the gutter like oil, grease, and dust. These things stop the smooth flow of wastewater in the gutter and sewage system; this results in the flooding of contaminated water in your home.
  3. Faulty and old appliances– if there is a faulty appliance in your homes, such as washing machines and many more, it can result in water damage. The water that runs through these appliances gets pooled in one place, and excessive water can cause mold or water spillage.
  4. Burst pipes– due to a rise in temperature or humidity, it is possible that the pipe melts and results in bursting. If a pipe bursts, then immediate action needs to be taken to stop the overflowing water unless it results in water flooding in the home.

Other than these, the sources can be categorized into types of water damage:

  1. Clean water damage- it involves water that is free of any contaminants. This type of water damage is not harmful to the health of an individual. The clean water damage can come from broken taps, leaking sinks.
  2. Grey water damage- in this, the water is partially dirty. It comes from leaking toilets and pumps.
  3. Black water damage- This type of water damage is toxic and full of pollutants and contaminants. You should be careful while dealing with this type of water damage because it has a foul smell and can also cause many diseases. Sewage is the source of this water damage.

Water Restoration

Water restoration is a long process, but if you take the help of a company for these services, it becomes easy. Water restoration starts from eliminating the excess water at a surface level using pumps and then drying up the house and scrubbing the areas if mold or dirt is there. This is surely a long process. If there is minor water damage, you also can do it, but if the water damage is severe, it will require professional help such as the one provided by Servpro of West Hartford.

When there is water damage at your home, it is impossible to clean all the mess up by yourself, especially if the water damage is severe. That’s why you need to get in touch with a company that provides water restoration services. Or Columbus, Ohio, provides the best water restoration services to restore all the water damage in your home, and we clean your home like water damage never happened.

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