What are the Consequences of Car Accidents Besides Injury?

Car accidents are drastic and leave a long-lasting impact on our lives. They not only affect us physically but also startle us emotionally.  It takes some time to recover from the notions of that incident. A car accident lawyer in Port St Lucie can guide you about the lawsuit for medical or vehicle expenses if you are not at fault.

Prominent Consequences

Here are some possible physical and emotional consequences of a car accident: 

1. Inability to Work

The more severe the injuries are, the more there is a chance of physical inability during the recovery period. You may feel frustrated when you can no longer move, work, and be productive. Moreover, if your job does not provide the facility of sick leave, you won’t be getting salaries until you have recovered enough to get back to work.

2. Lack of Transportation 

You might face a lack of transportation if your car was highly damaged during the collision. It may take some time to repair, so your mobility is reduced till then. You may feel difficulty doing even the basic chores like going out for groceries or picking up kids from school when your car is not available.

Even if you do not get physical injuries, the unavailability of reliable transportation could endanger your job, especially if the employer does not understand. To arrange temporary transport via rental car, taxi, or any other means, you will have to bear additional costs. 

3. Financial Setbacks

There can be financial difficulties, especially if the accident is severe. There are a few chances that the opposite party’s insurance company pays your medical bills. In addition, if your car was seriously damaged during the accident, you will have to pay bills for auto repair that can vary depending on how severe the collision was. These all expenses contribute to financial setbacks.¬†

Another reason for the financial difficulty is the loss of income. A few times, terrible accidents make the victim partially or wholly disabled, due to which they are not able to work at their full potential or even cannot go to work.

4. Increased Insurance Rate 

There is a high chance that the insurance company increases the rate once it finds out about the collision, even if you are not at fault. You will be surprised to notice how much your monthly compensation rises with just one accident on your record. This increased rate will remain elevated till there is an accident on your driving record. It adds up to the financial burden you will already have due to an accident, as a result of which you may not afford your insurance. 

5. Property Damages

An accident can damage the car both cosmetically or mechanically. The insurance company will pay for restorations only if the car’s repair cost is less than the Actual Cash Value (AVC). But if the AVC is more than the cost of repairs, the insurer will pay for the AVC, so it all depends on luck. To claim compensation from the opposite party, you can contact a car accident lawyer Port St Lucie.¬†

6. Personality and Behavior Changes 

A person may face behavior and personality changes after encountering an accident. There can be symptoms of many psychological disorders; for instance, some people suffer delusions after a terrible collision. Sometimes they admit the mistake even if it is not their fault. Other changes can be hallucinations, delirium, confusion, and disorganized speech.

7. Depression 

Depression is the most common emotional fallout of a car accident. Major depressive disorder affects 16.1 million Americans every year. Apathy and overwhelming sadness are common signs of depression. If it continues for weeks, there is a chance of a disorder. 

8. Sleep Disorders

Stress after a traumatic event leads to different sleep disorders. The reason is that stress overstimulates the brain which promotes the release of neurochemicals like adrenaline and epinephrine. These neurochemicals are involved in keeping you awake, causing nightmares and flashbacks that disturb sleep. Sleeplessness can also cause daytime fatigue. 

9. Anxiety

Anxiety is also due to a traumatic event like a car accident. It involves many psychiatric disorders, including panic disorder,  social anxiety disorder, and several phobias. Irritable bowel syndrome is also associated with stress. According to ADAA (The Anxiety and Depression Association of America), 44 million Americans live with some kind of anxiety. 

Final Verdict 

Car accidents affect different people in different ways. Some get disturbed sentimentally and even become wimps. At the same time, others take less time to come back to everyday life. To sue an at-fault person, there is a need for a trustable and reliable lawyer who can represent you in court. A car accident lawyer in Port St Lucie can assist and guide you about it.

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