What are the Different Types of Forex Bonuses?

Forex promotions are exciting things for all types and all levels of traders. New traders are always excited to get a bonus when signing up with a broker. The main target of forex promotions is getting new clients, stay with the broker for a long time, helps traders and happy traders.

What are the Different Types of Forex Bonuses?

There are different types of bonuses designed to provide the right benefits to a targeted and broad range of traders. Here are some best forex promotions:

Forex free bonus

As the name, you can guess it’s completely free. You don’t need any deposit to start with this promotion. Usually, brokers offer only for new clients to start real trading.

Forex welcome bonus

You can get the bonus to only join with a broker. It can be a welcome deposit and a welcome no deposit bonus. It’s also available to only new joining clients.

Forex deposit bonus

Its offer to regular clients. After depositing a minimum required amount, you will get the bonus. This common bonus range starts from 30% to 100%.

Forex no deposit bonus

It’s a 100% risk-free trading opportunity. The most popular and exciting promotions for newbies. This common bonus range starts from $5 to $100. There are many well-regulated and reputed broker offers and offering this bonus continuously. Forex no deposit bonus makes you a risk-free start with a live Forex account with real money on it. In this case no funding required from client’s side! The Company  fund for your live account’s trading activity. The profits is yours, if lot there is nothing to regret.

Cash Back and Rebates

The free reward for active trading. Forex trading is an expensive financial investment where traders have to provide various fees and charges, such as spread, SWAP’s, commission, service charge, trading journal, analysis, etc. Though the leverage brings an opportunity, it also increases the trading cost. So, sometimes provides some cashback or rebate to make their clients happy.

Seasonal and Special promotions

It’s a huge part of promotions, especially during holidays, company events, achievements, and anniversaries. Brokers try to give fabulous bonuses to their clients that special geographic for holiday programs. These types of bonuses are big, such as 100% to 300% deposit bonus, $500 to $1500 welcome bonus.

How to select the best forex promotions?

If you are looking for the best forex promotion, decide your goal first on which type of bonus you need. First, find some decent brokers that offering lucrative bonuses. After selecting some of them, make a shortlist. The shortlist will help you compare them. After comparing check their offer terms and conditions, if all rules are ok and transparent, you can go for the one.

Suppose you are looking for a shortcut way. We have the best promotion list that we filtered and compare to all regular brokers and finalized the list to avoid our reader’s waste of valuable time.

Top Reasons to Decline Forex Promotions

To filtering bonuses, you have to know the criteria to decline a bonus and make a shortlist. Here are few factors:

  • If the broker and offer terms and conditions are not transparent.
  • If the broker is not regulated and reputed.
  • If the trading profits are withdrawal.
  • If it’s not suitable for you such as client support options, funding options, restrictions, etc.

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