What Are The Difficulties Students Face While Writing An Academic Essay

Academic writing is a complex task, especially for students who are struggling in high school and cannot cope with frequently updating academic regulations. This problem causes a lot of students to drop out of high school and college.

Sometimes, the difficulties that come with academic writing are left unsolved because students don’t fully understand the root and cause of those difficulties. So in this case you can request someone to write your paper.

In this article, we will talk about the possible difficulties students face while writing an academic essay. We will also be discussing how you can overcome those solutions. So let’s get started:

Now difficulties that most students face while writing an academic essay are:

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Insufficient Knowledge
  • Lack Of Writing Skills
  • Plagiarism
  • Getting stuck

However, these are not the only issues, there are many others as well from which they may need to deal in the academic essay writing process.

So now let’s talk more in detail about each of these and how you can overcome them.

Lack of Confidence

The inability to believe in one’s capabilities and skills is the root cause of failing whether academically or professionally.

Students who believe they are not good at essay writing will have trouble starting their essays. They doubt their potential to complete it as well. And with this self-doubt, they may never even try to start working on their essay.

As a result, these students end up not submitting their essays or simply handing in a poorly-written one, fully accepting and expecting that they will get a low or failing grade.

To cope with this issue, there are various ways students can improve their confidence in academic writing skills. There are online courses they can take and they also have the choice to take up traditional classes offered by local schools or tutorial centers.

In addition, students should practice writing every day, even if they make mistakes. As long as these mistakes are marked and corrected, they will become better writers in the future.

Insufficient Knowledge

Many students will also have difficulties writing an academic essay about a topic taken up in school. The main reason is that they don’t have enough knowledge about the subject matter.

Insufficient subject knowledge is caused by a number of factors. Not taking notes in class, not paying attention to lectures, and having no will to comprehend the subject are the common ones.

This is a problem that students can easily beat. Students simply need to gather some extra time to study whatever notes they have. In addition, they can do additional research to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

If students are having difficulty understanding the topic, they can ask their teacher to explain it again.

Lack Of Writing Skill

Some students may be confident about writing and have enough ideas to write their academic papers, but if they lack language proficiency, their essays will not impress.

Incorrect words, misleading language, misplaced words, phrases, and punctuation will lead to a poor academic paper. The hope of impressing their teacher may teach some students to use technical words and jargon. Usually, this strategy backfires.

Students should learn to use simple words and put up short, concise sentences to get good marks on their papers. Students also need to read more since this is a good exercise for writing a better academic essay.

They can also get help from experts if they need help with polishing their papers. These writers will ensure students turn in good academic essays that reflect their knowledge and abilities.


When all else fails, students turn towards copying someone else’s work. This is called plagiarism and if caught, it can get you terminated from college. Colleges have strict rules for plagiarized content and students can receive serious penalties if they are caught plagiarizing content.

A simple solution is starting your academic essay on time so you don’t have to rush through the content. If you are quoting a research paper or someone else works, be sure to give proper references and citations.

This will keep you out of trouble. 

Lastly, always run your content through a plagiarism checker tool before turning in your paper.

Today professors check each paper for plagiarised content. Students who submit essays that contain copied paragraphs from any published material will find themselves in a lot of trouble.

Students need to know how to paraphrase the content they use for their essays. They should know when and how to use references also.

Finally, they should make it a habit to run their essays through online plagiarism tools to verify that they submit an original paper.

Getting stuck

Sometimes, teachers give out topics that have been repeated so many times that you fail to get a fresh perspective. This makes the students unmotivated to do any research. To tackle this, it is recommended to discuss your reach topic with your friends and family.


In conclusion, these are some of the most common difficulties that students face while writing an academic essay.

We have to keep in mind that writing essays are not something that comes naturally to many students. Identify the cause of your writing follow the tips shared in this article and you will definitely be able to overcome it with writing practice.

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