What are the online betting promo codes used for?

Most people agree that the majority of gambling websites are different, and some have more specifics than others. Yet, there are some similarities that people can come across while browsing for a casino or a bookie, such as the promotional section.

Every promo category is different because some brands provide more options than others. With that said, some perks can be improved by using bonus codes that boost people’s bets. In fact, you can use a stake code to boost your bet once you start using the operator because, similar to another iGaming site, there are deals for new users. That said, not all iGaming companies demand from their clients to apply offer codes. Sometimes, users can get a specific perk without the need to apply any code, but those things are becoming more popular. So, let’s learn more details about them.

Some online bonus codes are used to give you access to hidden offers

In most cases, gambling companies will try to reveal all of their perks to gamblers so that users know what they can get. However, some of the leading casinos and bookies want to reward the partners they work with. As a result, they can provide those individuals or companies with unique promotional codes that will give users the opportunity to unlock hidden offers.

The promotional codes can be in many different forms and can be used in many ways. For example, some promo codes contain numbers and letters; others have only numbers, but you can have letters-only bonus codes. 9 out of 10 times, the code contains the reward itself, so when you see things like “100TOP” or something similar, there is a good chance the promo code will give you a 100% deposit.

An interesting thing you need to check before using the unique offer code is regarding to the time of usage. Many of the codes that unlock new perks are only available when registering, so users who forget to apply those things during the process won’t have the option to do it later on.

However, some operators may allow people to claim such a deal even if they use the bonus code before depositing. Of course, certain codes can be added to the casino’s live chat and you may only get them once you contact the support department. Some companies have specific rules that are not common elsewhere, so you have to make sure to read everything before choosing what you want to bet on.

Promo codes are used to improve some offers

Although people usually want to use codes that will grant them the opportunity to access a new bonus, this is not common because most perks do not have such a thing. Instead, almost all offer codes will improve some of the existing offers that are available. These perks are usually deposit bonuses, but there are bonus codes for cashback and other deals.

One of the most recent types of promo codes that are getting more attention increases the free spins or the free bet amont that users can get. What’s interesting is that this code has to be applied before placing the bet rather than before making a transaction. Some brands may have even more specific rules that gamblers must consider.

One thing to remember before using a promo code to improve an existing offer is that this could be a double-edged sword. Although you could get more money, there are instances where you may need to spend more money, and things, such as the rollover requirements, become harder to complete. That’s why we do not recommend using a particular promotional code before learning more info. 

Also, do not trust all sites with offer codes because some may offer more things because of money laundering. Sadly, this is one of the big problems in iGaming that organizations worldwide are trying to resolve.

Some people use them to access special kinds of tournament

If we put the bonuses and the fact that many of them require a promotional code aside, those things can be used for several other options. One of them is to allow people to access special types of tournaments, usually inside the casino. A lot of gambling websites have poker clients that people can use to take part in events and compete against others. With that said, since some events are more private, the only way to access them is by using a bonus code.

The interesting thing is what you need to do to get that code, and the answer is that it all depends on the website. Some sites randomly give out bonus codes, whereas others only grant them to people who complete certain tasks. For example, gamblers who verify their accounts may have access to such things. 


This article contains content related to gambling. Gambling should always be approached responsibly and with caution. It can be addictive and lead to significant financial and emotional problems. If you or someone you know may be experiencing gambling-related issues or addiction, we strongly recommend seeking help. For those seeking assistance, please visit National Council on Problem Gambling or a similar organization in your country or region. Always gamble responsibly and within your means.