What are the pros and cons of hiring an interior design firm Singapore?

Even though hiring an interior design firm seems to be a luxury for homeowners, there are so many things you will get from them. The added value might be invisible at first, however, you will be surprised at what they can do. If you don’t know where to start, it will be better to hire an interior designer for help. Before making your decision, you can take a look at this list of the pros and cons of hiring an interior design firm Singapore.

The pros of hiring an interior design firm Singapore

Your home value will be increased

The best interior design firm Singapore has the power to transform your home into a dream living space. Once they finish their work, you can definitely tell the difference when you walk through the door.

Your home value will be increased with the renovation

Interior designers have a keen eye for detail, therefore, you will see both aesthetics and functionality in their artwork. They can turn even the most difficult part of the house into a functional area. They can make your dream come true and give advice on how to combine your interested elements with practicality.

Your home will be optimised by the hands of the best designer. They can hide your large storage or build an exquisite countertops which is easy to maintain. Therefore, you can expect a higher sale value for a well-designed home.

A good advice for homeowners is to remodel or renovate their homes before selling them. Depending on how elaborate your home is, you will need different materials and people for installation. If you hire a professionally established interior design firm Singapore, you don’t have to worry about these details because they usually come with a wide network of suppliers for all their projects.

They will provide recommendations and advice on all details, from floor tiles to curtains, lighting to countertops, kitchen sink to wall paint. So you can rest assured that your house is in good hands. Besides, as we mentioned, they have a huge network of suppliers, so they usually offer bulk discounts. That means you will get better pricing for the materials.

Save your time with less hassle

Home renovation or home design can make you feel stressed if you don’t have time and are not knowledgable about interior design. That’s why hiring an interior design firm can be expensive. They are paid for their expertise to turn your home into a desired living space within an acceptable time frame.

An interior design firm helps save your time

With their help, you can avoid making some costly mistakes such as buying the wrong piece of furniture, getting the wrong paint color, or choosing irrelated wall paper. You don’t want to buy an expensive leather couch for your living room where you pets love to hang around. And that it needs constant maintenance and care. As professionals, interior designers know what works and what doesn’t, which save your time and money in the long run.

The cons of hiring an interior design firm Singapore

Home renovation will be more costly

Compared to a DIY project, hiring a professional interior design firm Singapore is obviously more expensive. Hiring an interior designer means you’re paying for their professional services along with materials expenses.

They make money from the time they spend on the consultation, the design, to the actual renovation work. In addition to the service fees, you might need to pay extra for higher material costs. They have higher standards which require a certain level of customisation. And you can’t do it with regular materials.

Loss of personal touch

If you want your home to reflect your character and personality, it will not be a great idea to hire  an interior design firm Singapore. A professional firm will learn about their clients to understand what they want, however, they are still strangers.

Your home needs to reflect your personality

With their huge collection of home interior designs, you might be able to choose one that suits your need and desire. However, it will be hard to find a design that captures the essence of your individuality within a short period of time.

For example, when you spend time in a luxury hotel, you will love the atmosphere, the decorations, how welcoming the hotel is. However, you won’t feel like it’s your home. And you don’t want the same feeling with your renovated home.

Your goal is to have a beautiful house which makes you feel like home where you can spend most of your time.

There might be conflicts due to different vision

The key for a successful partnership is that your designer is on the same page with you. However, sometimes it is a painful process. As you know, appreciation for design aesthetics can be very personal. Of course, your designer has artistic credentials, however, they come from his/her own experiences and preferences which might be different from your vision.

That’s why working with the interior designer whose strengths are aligned to your tastes is extremely important. You need to check their portfolios, their finished projects to notice a similar pattern. If you like what you see, they are likely to be the right designer for you.

Their profiles tell you all the information you need. Some designers are excellent in contemporary designs while others only focus on minimalist and classic styles. Depending on the style your prefer, and the profile of the interior design firm Singapore, you know who you should work with.

When you already figure out what you truly want, share the information with your designer. Maintaining communication is a key for a successful project. Make sure your designer knows your vision and you see the sample designs so that there are less conflicts.

Now that you know the pros and cons of hiring an interior design firm Singapore, it will be easier for you to make decision. Engaging a professional firm can be helpful as it allows you to explore more options and suggestions. However, if you don’t like the idea of hiring one, and you are confident to renovate your home, it’s best to opt for a DIY project.

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