What are the Top Gold IRAs

Gold IRAs

Gold IRAs are self-directed IRAs that are different from traditional IRAs. The difference is that you can choose your investments in a self-directed IRA, and you cannot in a traditional one. You can also add gold and other precious metals to a self-directed IRA and that is why they are called gold IRAs, as well. 

You can get a self-directed IRA in many different places. This article will help you to find the best gold ira companies that are in America. You can do your own research and see which would be the best for you.

You can do your research and find your own list of top gold IRAs if you wish. These lists are easy to find and are subject to different opinions. You will have to decide for yourself which would be the best for you. There are many companies that are out there, these are just the top ones named by Investopedia. 

Top Gold IRA Company

  • Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold was named best overall gold IRA company by Investopedia. They are good because they have investor direct pricing, top marks from key consumer groups, and a long history in the gold IRA business. They have been in business since 1990 and have been doing a great job in all areas of business since then. 

They have a track record of having satisfied customers for more than thirty years. They have helped investors seek out a gold IRA plan since almost the beginning. They can help you find the right gold IRA for you and help you to invest in the proper gold and other precious metals: https://lendedu.com/blog/precious-metals-ira/. They specialize in the top four precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Not all companies offer all of these precious metals, so you need to do your research to see if the company that you want to work with has all available. 

  • Augusta Precious Metals

Investopedia named this company the best for having transparent pricing. With Augusta Precious Metals, you know exactly what you are getting and for what price. The pros of this company are that they have a low-cost transparent fee structure, they have a money back guarantee, and they have guaranteed fair pricing on your purchases. These are great pros for any company, especially the transparent pricing. You do not want to be surprised by hidden fees that other companies might have.

The cons include the fact that they do not have platinum or palladium, no minimum investment, and there are no online purchases. They are family owned and have been around since 2012, which is not as long as other places. This does not mean that they are not as good as other businesses, just that they might not have as much experience. 

  • Goldco Precious Metals

The best company for customer service according to Investopedia. They make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and with the process. They will educate you about the pros and cons of each metal and how to buy each metal. The pros of this company are their extensive educational resources, their competitive pricing, and the fact that you get 10% back in free silver coins with your new account. They have nearly perfect reviews from top reviewers, as well. 

The biggest con for this company is that they have a minimum investment. There were not many other cons listed with this company. This is good for a company that has been around for as long as they have. If they do not have many cons, it must be a good company. 

  • Noble Gold

The best company for small investors according to Investopedia is Noble Gold. The pros to this company are that they have a low minimum investment, they have an extensive educational library, and that they have flat storage and service fees. These are great pros for a business to have because it makes things easier for customers to do business with. 

The cons include annual fees that are proportionately high compared to low account balances. Even though it has only been around since 2016, they have earned high ratings from the small investor. This is another pro that needs to be acknowledged.

  • Regal Assets

Established in 2010, Regal Assets was named best for IRA rollovers by Investopedia. Rollovers can be tough to manage but this company knows how to do them and do them right. The pros of this company are that they have a great IRA rollover track record, they also have zero fees for IRA rollover or transfers, and they have a flat annual service and storage fees.

The only con mentioned was that you cannot make purchases online. You must buy your precious metals in person. This is tough if you do not live in the area where they may be. 

Most of the business for Regal Assets comes from their ability to do rollovers. They have a Triple A rating at Business Consumer Alliance and have mostly five-star ratings on national review sites. These are some of the best reviews that you can ask from a company. 

  • Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold is great for first time buyers and has been named the best for this by Investopedia. The pros of this company are that they have an extensive educational library, and they have low annual fees. The cons are that they have a relatively short operating history and online purchasing is not available. 

This company has only been around since 2014, but they have really proven themselves to first time buyers and low investment rates. They have a Triple A rating from the BCA and have had no complaints in the last three years. See here for more information about the BCA. This is a great company for overseeing customer complaints. 


These companies have been named the best by Investopedia, just one company’s opinion. You will want to see other the opinion of other companies. You will want to do your own research to see which is best for you. All these companies have great reviews that you can read. 

Investopedia has a lot of interesting information when it comes to gold IRAs and the different businesses that are involved in them. They also have information about the different precious metals that you can buy to be a part of your gold IRA. These metals are usually gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They have minimum purity standards that are set by the IRS. You can look at the different regulations that go along with the gold IRAs by looking at the IRS site. They have all the regulations that you will need to start your IRA.

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