What are the Uses of a Custom Flat Bottom Pouch?

Flat-bottom pouches are in huge demand worldwide due to their appearance and customer acceptance. The printed and well-designed custom flat bottom pouch is perhaps the most revolutionary concept in the packing industry.

Flat-bottom pouches are mostly found on a supermarket shelf. Customers entering the supermarket instantly recognize their favorite brand and the very next moment they take the pouch and drop it into their cart.

The bottom pouch is so called because the bottom side of the packaging has a flattened base so that it sits erect on the shelves without the risk of falling sideways. It is as cool as plastic or tin containers, but more flexible with a very attractive company logo and design.

The idea of such packaging is that it can be mass-produced in factories so that it cuts down the overall cost of production of the product and helps the consumers save money. 

A good package design therefore can attract the customers towards it and with the right kind of words explaining the products and their quality the customer may let go of the old familiar package and opt for the new one. It is mainly aimed at converting old customers to new brand entrants in the market field. You may browse the internet but may find only a few flat bottom pouch manufacturers that can deliver the products at competitive rates and on time. 

High-Quality Packaging with a Difference

Not all bottom pouches are of quality make as you may need high technological equipment and skilled workers. At BOWE PACK you will find the latest machinery and a skilled and hardworking technical workforce. They have engineers, technicians, quality control staff, and highly skilled designers. The factory follows international standards including ISO, SGS, FDA, BRC, etc. 

For the packaging business to survive you must know what is in the minds of the customers. Hence, while negotiating a deal you must be able to make sincere and innovative suggestions so that the customers can place bulk orders. Again, the company logo and the design should be fit enough so that the customers know that they are buying only quality and hygienic products. It is for this reason that flat bottom pouches have become a rage for almost all food industries. 

You may place a sample order so that you know the kind of packaging you may need to impress upon the customers of your brand. It is understood that customers get their first impression from the package and only later from the content.

Types of Packaging Designs

You will find that there are three types of packaging with different functions. The Primary packaging is the one that the content gets wrapped and you often see it on the shelves of a supermarket.

The other is the Secondary packaging where a second cover is added with design and logo to give protection during transportation. It may be a thicker package or a box. The Tertiary is a combination of multiple packages so that it can be handled roughly and kept in a warehouse. 

It is the responsibility of the flexible packaging companies to suggest solutions by carefully analyzing the product. 

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