What Are The Variants Of M12 Connectors

The M12 connectors come in a variety of forms. For someone who has just stepped into the automation industry, it can be tricky to remember and understand the details of each unique type. Therefore, to make things easier for newbies, we formed a guidebook of variants of M12 connectors

What are M12 connectors used for?

M12 connectors are circular-shaped with a diameter of 12 mm, mainly used in industrial settings for connecting devices. It’s used in rugged and harsh environments where other connectors fail to work appropriately. The number of pins vary in each M12 connectors such as M12 4-pin connector, M12 5-pin connecter and M12 8 pin connector

What are the different variants?

  • A-coded Connectors:

The M12 A-coded connectors are the most commonly used connectors in the automation industry. It’s also regarded as one of the original coded connectors. They are employed in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The coded connector can either be a male or female. The number of pins varies from two to twelve. Furthermore, the consumer can choose between the shell material and cable type. 

  • B-coded Connectors:

B-coded M12 connectors are usually employed in IIoT and Industry 4.0. The primary use is on network systems such as Fieldbus, Profibus, etc. The number of pins varies from three to five. Shine industry produces different types of B-coded connectors such as overmoulded, field wireable, bulkhead, splitter, etc. 

  • C-coded connectors:

C-coded M12 connectors are mainly employed in AC-powered devices. However, they are less commonly used than the previous two variants. The number of pins varies from three to six. Additionally, they are designed to have extra security with the help of a dual keyway. It minimizes the risk of another cable being used. 

  • D-coded connectors:

The M12 D-coded connections can carry up to 100 Mb of data when used as network cables for Ethernet and ProfiNet protocols. Usually, there are three to five pins. The D coded M12 connectors are further classified into prewired, splitters, ethernet cables, bulkhead connectors, and field wireable. 

  • X-coded connectors: 

They are the most advanced form of coded M12 connectors available in the market. X-coded connectors can transfer data in bulk at a very high speed. Hence, they are perfectly suitable for industries where large amounts of data need to be transferred. The number of pins in X-coded connectors does not vary. They are only available in 8 pins. 

The prewired X-coded connect can be straight, right angle, or panel mount female. Similarly, the field wireable type comes in crimp or right-angle form. 

  • T-coded connectors: 

T-coded M12 connectors are mainly employed for DC-powered devices. It can be male or female with one end or both ends. The moulded T-coded connector is available in male 2-pin, 4-pin, or female 2,3, and 4 pins. 

  • S-coded connectors: 

The S-coded M12 connectors are designed for the AC power supply. They are capable of supplying 630VAC and 12A current. Shine Industry manufactures different forms of S-coded connectors like prewired, bulkhead, panel mount, etc., to cater to customers’ needs all across the globe. 

How to choose between the different variants? 

There’s no rocket science involved in choosing a variant of the M12 connector. It entirely depends on the requirements of the machines in the automation industry. Conduct your research, study the machines and make a decision accordingly. It’s better to invest time before-hand and avoid mishaps later. 


It can be challenging to understand every variant of M12 connectors in the market,such as:M12 4 pin connector,M12 5 pin connector,M12 bulkhead connectors etc. However, it becomes easier to remember as time passes.  You will learn some basic knowledge of M12 variants through this article and hope to help you.

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