What are Video Voicemails? 7 Reasons Your Team Should Switch to One

There are many great reasons to use video voicemail. Leaving a personalized touch to your messages is always a great idea to attract more clients. If your sales team is still only using the standard voicemail options, you’ll be surprised by how helpful and straightforward this modern method of leaving a message can be. Not only does it help the receiver feel more cared for, but it also helps in getting a faster response. Here are seven benefits of switching to video voicemail for your sales team today:

1. People respond To Your Calls Faster

With standard voicemails, there’s no guarantee that anyone will listen to the message before returning the call or emailing you back. Many people don’t have the time for all these old-fashioned answering machines anymore – they’ve switched over to texting or direct messaging apps on their mobile phones. And if your caller doesn’t recognize your number, they might not even answer the phone.

Asking for a call back can be challenging in that case, and you might end up leaving two or three voicemails before you finally get through to someone. But with video voicemail (also known as visual voicemail), your calls will never go unanswered again.

2. You Can Use It To Introduce Yourself And Your Business

There’s nothing like seeing a friendly face when you call someone on the phone – it just makes them seem more personable and easier to talk to. With video voice messages, anyone who calls your sales team will see someone from your business greet them no matter why they’re calling.

For example, when someone calls your sales team, they’ll see an automatically generated video of one of your employees’ faces along with their name and your company’s name. They might be calling about last month’s order or any other query and a personalized video voice message will help enhance the relationship between you and your client.

Moreover, if you have multiple people in your sales organization, video voice messages can be a great way to introduce each person and what they do. It gives the caller an idea of who will be speaking to them.

3. People Can Enjoy Your Messages At Their Convenience

With texts and emails, your messages are out of sight and out of mind – that means you might not get a reply for quite some time. But with visual voicemail, people will see the message pop up on their phones while they’re still in the middle of whatever they were doing. Hence it is one of the most convenient types of messaging out there.

4. It Is A Much Quicker Way Of Messaging

Texting or leaving voicemails can be real-time wasters when you’re trying to follow up with different prospects and clients! Sometimes it’s just easier to record a quick 30-second video rather than spending time repeatedly typing out a message.

5. They Are Easier To Share & Store

Before video voicemail, people had to keep track of all the voicemails they’ve received in a separate app or online service – and many still do. But with this modern option, your messages will automatically be stored on the phone, so there’s no fussing around trying to find them or send them elsewhere. That way, you can quickly review important conversations later whenever you need to!

6. You Can Add More Personality to Your Communications

A video is an effective tool for adding some personality into your communications. In a world flooded with text messaging and email, visual voicemail shines through. By showing a quick 30-second video introduction to your contacts, you will stand out in their mind when they think about who to call back. It’s also much easier than trying to describe yourself in words!

You can use a short video to share who you are and what you do or even send your team’s introduction video instead of leaving a voicemail.

Moreover, if someone calls to inquire about a past order or customer service issue, they might see a quick video from the person they usually get help from! It will make them feel like you and your business care about them, and it will make it easier for them to stay in touch with you.

7. Video Voicemail Lets People Know They’re Being Heard

Voicemails can be difficult to return because so much time may have passed since the initial message was left. But with visual voicemail, people know they are being heard right away and that you care enough to take the time to send a video greeting along with your message. They’ll appreciate this personal touch and respond sooner, often within minutes!

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