What benefits are independent workers getting from the workers’ compensation law? 

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Independent workers enjoy benefits from the worker’s compensation law. The laws aim to protect the employees from several emergencies, like any accidental injuries that may even result in death or disablement. But the independent workers are mostly eliminated from many of the compensation as they are temporary workers working based on any particular project or contract. The workers must keep detailed information about the compensation and laws because, in many situations, the employers try to escape the efficient payment to the workers as per their labor. So, to deal with such situations, you must keep efficient knowledge about the laws and the workers’ compensation act. You can contact The Law Offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC, to learn about it. 

Agreements of Registration

A notice should be sent to the commissioner by the employer. If the commissioner will verify and record it only if it satisfies them. But if the agreement is found to be fraud or in an improper manner, then they will refuse to accept it.

Procedures to Claim the Agreement

  1. Submit the notice with the proper name and address of the victim, and mention the reason for the injury.  
  2. The deadline to apply is two years. 
  3. If the notice is defective or you fail to give the notice or delay in submission of the application, you will not reject the compensation claim. 

Penalties for not paying and due

The employers pay the employee the penalty if an accident occurs and you are hurt at work. Calculate the amount from the date of the accident. Suppose the compensation is not paid within the time. In that case, the commissioner will ask the employer to pay the compensation with twelve percent interest. Additionally, suppose there is no efficient justification for the delay of payment for the compensation. In that case, the commissioner may also ask for an apology. 


So, you can easily learn from the earlier data about the compensation benefits to the workers. Workers need to know about the benefits or claims they can avail themselves of during any emergency or injury. Independent workers are mostly eliminated from many such benefits as they are appointed only for some particular project or contract. However, they can still enjoy many other benefits. Suppose you are one of the independent workers. In that case, knowing all the laws regarding compensation and benefits should be one of the essential tasks for you.

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