What can the USA gambling industry expect in 2021?

The United States continues to legislate in favor of online gambling despite disagreements with the big casino and betting houses magnates and the suspicions of players who have traditionally bet on the luxury and glamour of casinos in cities such as Las Vegas.

Supreme Court ruling, the trigger for regulatory changes

While in Europe the online gaming sector had managed to attract new players and the profit margin of the organizing companies did not stop increasing, in the United States the attempts to try to decriminalize digital gaming tables met the wall of the traditional gaming sector, which has a particularly importance in this country and which saw its profits endangered by a much more comfortable and accessible alternative that only required a mobile phone and Internet connection to function.

However, in 2018, the New Jersey Supreme Court authorized online casinos. A fact that has set a precedent to this day, when laws in favor of decriminalizing online gambling and encouraging the coexistence of traditional betting houses with the most successful digital proposals are still being processed.

As in many other aspects, it is the state legislation that prevails in case of disagreement and in this sense the US Department of Justice ruled, which allowed online gambling as long as it was declared legal by the state law. As a result of this ruling, draft laws began to be prepared in the different states to process the approval of a law regulating online gambling. In the last three years, more than twenty states have legalized online gambling.

One of the direct consequences of the approval of online gambling has been the boom in secure hosts to host online gambling games, something that until now was impossible to happen. “In order to have the corresponding security certificate, a series of requirements must be met, among others, that your establishment or server is duly registered with the competent authorities”, explains the team at Habwin, one of the platforms with the greatest presence in the online gambling sector in Europe. “As it was not regulated, it was impossible to obtain this certification and, therefore, users were exposed to fraudulent activities and scams on the net”, they point out.

Online gaming industry forecasts for 2021

It is to be expected that states will continue to legislate in favor of online gambling in the coming months, which makes the profit forecast increase with every step taken by American governors. “Online casinos are legalized in six states and the decriminalization of online gambling continues to go from strength to strength, which augurs very good results for the remainder of the year for the sector”, commented Habwin.

Far from considering intrusive the irruption of online tables in the U.S. traditional gaming sector, Habwin bets for a hybrid model in which the biggest beneficiary is the consumer. “Gaming is a very important sector in the United States, and the emergence of new alternatives that adapt the rules of the game to the new formats offered by technology is a very attractive option for consumers, who will have a whole range of possibilities to enjoy their favorite pastime”. This is something that happens in Spain, where regulation has become quite severe, as we can read here.

Given the great fondness for gambling in the United States and the generalization of smart devices whose use is already established in one out of every three American homes, the data forecasting a strong start for online gambling houses and casinos could not be better.

“The forecasts are quite optimistic, taking into account that initial figures are handled around 20% share of revenue derived from gambling in 2021 alone,” they explain from Habwin. “At this rate, in 2023 almost forty states will have legalized online gambling, which is 90% of the total US territory, so profit margins may oscillate in the coming months depending on the measures announced by the authorities,” says the Habwin team.

A commitment to fair gaming and a more immersive experience

The start-up of online gaming platforms in the United States is taking place concurrently with the upgrade of data encryption protocols to create a modern infrastructure that promotes fair gaming and allows users to transact safely and securely.

“Online casinos have adopted 128-bit SSL data encryption technology to protect players’ personal and financial information and keep it safe from cybercriminals,” explains the team at Habwin, whose platform already operates with the latest security protocols in Europe. “Security is fundamental to ensure the integrity of our infrastructures, and for that reason we work on constantly updating our security system in order to provide the player with a safe and secure gaming environment free of risks,” they declare.

Investment in security is a maxim followed not only by Habwin, but by all other online gaming and betting service providers. “Given the role that cryptocurrencies play in modern society, with recent additions to the Bitcoin sector such as PayPal or Mastercard, it is necessary to optimize security tools to work efficiently in the creation of fully secure debit and crediting platforms. Some online casinos have already implemented cryptocurrency payments in their infrastructure, a statement of intent”, they explain.

Another strength of online gaming is the work being done to offer fans a more immersive experience, especially with the popularization of augmented reality and virtual reality devices. “The incorporation of a greater number of players to online casinos has led to the emergence of new formats that promise to raise the level of immersion to limits never seen before,” they explain from the online gaming firm. “Some American casinos already offer virtual reality experiences to immerse players in a purely digital gaming environment with the benefits of physical casinos, a model that will be a trend in the coming years,” they say.

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