What Can You Expect After Graduating Law School?

Graduating from law school is a monumental accomplishment. If you’re able to do it, then you should congratulate yourself. It’s not easy, and you probably studied for years and dedicated yourself to get to this point.

At this moment, you might be interested in either starting your own law firm or becoming part of an existing one. Once you do that, the next step may be figuring out how to rank your law firm in 2023

Before you do that, though, let’s talk about what you might expect when you graduate from law school since some would-be lawyers don’t know what their next steps are going to be. 

Graduating from Law School Does Not Guarantee Passing the Bar

First, we should make clear that graduating from law school is not the same thing as passing the bar. To be a practicing lawyer, you’ve got to pass the bar, and in theory, the law school you attended and graduated from should have given you the tools you require to do that.

Not every law school graduate passes the bar, though. There are always a few who never do. You must pass the bar before you can hope to become a lawyer, so that’s where your focus should be. Until you get past this crucial step, you can’t start your career in the legal profession. 

You Might Get Scouted By Existing Firms

If you graduated near the top of your class, then you will likely be scouted by recruiters from the largest and most prestigious existing law firms. They are always looking for the next crop of sharp legal minds who they can make part of their team.

You should attend some of these meetings. You can hear the recruitment pitches from the top law firms and think about whether any of them sound like a good fit for you. 

On the other hand, if you graduated but were nowhere near the top of your class, it’s not as likely that the top firms will make a strong push to recruit you. That’s okay. You’ll still have a chance to make it in the legal profession if you are determined. 

You Can Always Look Into Starting Your Own Law Firm

Whether the top firms try to recruit you or not, you might have it in mind to start your own law firm instead of joining an existing one. That’s an ambitious goal, and it’s one that can serve you well. Starting your own firm can lead to a level of prestige and notoriety that may be just what you want. 

Keep in mind that even if you want to start your own firm, it’s common to begin your legal career by working for an existing one. You might get the experience you need before going off on your own a few years down the line.

No matter the details of your career path, graduating from law school can be the beginning for you. It should be a time of celebration and excitement. 

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