What Data Does Snapchat Collect?

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In the last nine years, there have been frequent updates and changes in the privacy policy of Snapchat. Almost everyone is well aware of how Snapchat allows you to share your moments by sending live pictures and videos as many times as you want with a timer set. 

You will be aware at the very moment if someone takes the screenshot. Amazing, right? But everything comes at a cost. Have you ever wondered to what extent this giant app is collecting your data to run its business? This article shares some important information about Snapchat’s data tracking you don’t have any idea about.

What Information Does Snapchat Save in its Database?

With approximately 248 million users and 7.8 billion messages being sent daily, Snapchat never fails to keep users satisfied. They store a ton of information daily. As per their privacy policy, all the information you give while signing up is stored in their database, which includes:

  • Username
  • Phone Number
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Email Address

Besides this information, Snapchat knows about you much more than you can imagine. Surprisingly, apart from stories, Snapchat also stores all your private snaps and messages. If you want to send any sensitive content, then Snapchat is not the correct medium for it. 

Every minute detail is recorded, including the people you have sent snap, the snap itself, and the timing. If you haven’t toggled off this option, it even keeps track of location and updates it on the Snapchat story itself.

It is not like Snapchat doesn’t inform you all of this in the first place. The user agrees to all this when accepting the app’s terms and conditions.

Why is Snapchat Collecting Your Data?

Giant companies running apps like Snapchat assert that they do not share personal and private information including names with advertisers. However, they may share the rest to create a profile based on your preferences and information.

The app collects and stores data to improve its marketing strategies, services and create a more personalized experience for the users. As the privacy policy says, Snapchat has the permission to collect your information from third parties, including the public, other Snapchat users, and business partners.

How Long Does Snapchat Keep Your Data?

Snapchat, as per its Privacy Policy, keeps data for a short period. The snaps and chats will automatically get deleted from the database as soon as the recipient opens it or it expires. 

The story posts are stored for a longer period, though. Snapchat collects and stores map-related data for at least 40 days. However, if your map location is linked to a snap, which you may post on a story or save in memories, Snapchat will store it as long as you have that snap.

How to Stop Snapchat From Getting Information by Third-Party Ad Partners?

To stop Snapchat from collecting your information from third parties and showing you ads, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open Snapchat and click your Bitmoji icon on the top left corner.
  2. Now tap on the setting wheel at the top right corner and scroll down to the “Ads” option.
  3. In Ad Settings, click “Ad Preferences” and untick all three boxes.    

In the same way, you can also control information released to the ads shown within Snapchat. To do so, open Ad Settings, tap on “ Lifestyle & Interests” and untick all the boxes or the ones you want to.

How Can I Delete My Information From Snapchat?

If you feel insecure and have shared any sensitive information via your account, then the only way to remove it from the server is to delete your account. Unfortunately, this is the best way to stop sharing your data with third parties. However, if you are a Snapchat lover and thus, want to keep your account, then restrict the amount of data you are sharing.

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