What do all these features on massage chairs do for me?

If you’ve been in the market for a massage chair recently there is a good chance you have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of features of many of the offerings. Without understanding what these features offer, you will have difficulty finding an option that fits your demands.

Zero Gravity is a feature common to many high end massage chairs. No, you are not buying a chair that can take you to the weightlessness of space; these chairs utilize a position proven by science to relieve stress and pain. This is accomplished by reclining the chair to a sufficient angle that places your feet in line with your heart.

Airbag Massagers are the main way massage chairs stimulate blood flow, lymphatic system activity and alleviate pain in areas of your body like the lower legs, shoulders, lower back, hips, arms and hands. They inflate and deflate to simulate the actions of a real masseuse with striking accuracy.

Stretching Programs hold your hips in place and allow you to gain mobility in your lumbar and cervical spine with frequent use. This type feature provides many of the benefits of traditional stretching but while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Track Rollers provide a firm massage to your back. Ideally your chair will have rollers that have sufficient range of motion to reach your whole back and will have the ability to move in all three dimensions. These provide the ‘backbone’ of a massage chair and are a large part of the experience of using a massage chair.

Massage programs that chairs offer can vary greatly. Some will offer a wide variety of different programs to cater to a wide variety of users. Others will offer more focused programming tailored towards different clientele. Some offer very firm massages that offer the most benefit to someone looking for relief from muscle soreness induced from exercise while others offer programs meant to help maintain the health of elderly users or those who are restricted in mobility.

Heating and Cooling are very attractive features to have included on your chair. In the summer, cooling may be the difference between frequently utilizing the chair and letting it sit in the corner, unused. The heating feature can of course make for a very relaxing and cozy experience, but it can also make all the difference when trying to work through muscle soreness.

Technology offered from chair to chair is highly variable. Many common offerings are voice control, LCD touchscreen controllers, speakers that connect to wifi or Bluetooth enabled devices, charging for your phone. Some may not get much use out of these features, while others find them a necessity. Obviously this is up to, but realizing the options available may help you narrow your search.

Construction and Material choice, while not flashy like many of the other features listed, are just as important to your user experience. A poorly constructed, unreliable or uncomfortable chair will bring you out of a relaxed state. A lower build quality results in noisier operation, shorter lifespan, more repairs, and a worse user experience. It could even result in you discontinuing use of your costly investment altogether. Choosing high quality materials that your body comes in contact with and high quality warranties are two ways to factor quality into your purchase.

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